IoT Retrofitting for Legacy Machines


Machine operators need reliable data on usage and availability of their systems, including verifiable overall equipment efficiency (OEE) figures. Unplanned downtime can bring production to a standstill. By better measuring OEE and tracking losses, customers gain actionable insights on how to improve the productivity of manufacturing equipment and maximize efficiency.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Combining the strengths of HARTING MICA® and AWS gives customers and system integrators the ultimate in flexibility, robustness, and convenience for brownfield retrofit and other industrial and transportation IoT projects. With an IP67 housing, MICA® enables customers to place data acquisition and preprocessing directly at the machine, and customize date inputs using the MICA® toolkit. At the same time, the management, data analysis, and reconfiguration of sensors can be handled conveniently from AWS without the need for site visits.



HARTING MICA and AWS are the quickest and most agile way to collect enriched OOE data from legacy devices.

  • Fast Installation - An entire monitoring solution can be installed in one day without affecting the production or IT network.
  • Wireless Connectivity - Most sensors and inputs are connected wirelessly minimizing cabling. Direct LTE connection bypasses the corporate network.
  • Data Fusion with Metadata - Automatic and manual inputs are correlated on the MICA to drive deeper insights into the operation of the machine.
  • Modular Expandability - Over the course of the project, additional inputs like dash buttons can be added quickly and without disrupting the data collection.


MICA® and AWS marry local data processing and cloud-based management
With MICA® and AWS, users can select the optimal combination of latency, bandwidth, and processing power for each aspect of their project. If you need a guaranteed turnaround time, for example to switch tooling, or in case to shut off water or pressurized air lines in case of leaks, you can run a quick analysis on the local edge device. If you are looking at AI-based learning, or factory-wide analysis of OOE, you can send the relevant data the cloud and use almost unlimited computational resources.

MICA® and AWS let you share KPIs without sharing your IP
Local data processing at MICA® lets you decide which data is passed to the cloud and which remains in the company network. You can even provide sandboxed dashboards to personal computers or dashboards for your own staff over WiFi or Ethernet. MICA® and AWS let you set your own security policy instead of relying on service or cloud providers.