TensorIoT Rubix Platform

Next Generation IoT Platform Built on AWS IoT


IoT devices today are processing vast amounts of information that needs to be processed in real time. The lack of an easy to deploy, scalable, configurable, and extendable IoT platform increases the cost and time needed to launch and manage a fleet of devices today. These challenges exist for customers, whether they are looking to embark on their IoT journey, or they have already started their journey and are struggling with scale.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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The TensorIoT Rubix Platform is designed to accelerate a customer’s IoT journey. The solution provides a streamlined management system for IoT devices, as well as a single pane of glass for operational metrics and alerting. Rubix integrates natively with AWS IoT services to easily enable device provisioning, bulk whitelisting, over the air (OTA) updates, and also provides custom alerting, dashboards, and telemetry visualization in an extensible application designed for scalability across multi-tenant, multi-user deployments.


Rubix is an IoT platform that enables customers to onboard, manage and control their device fleet.

  • Flexible Thing Library - Manage devices and groups in a hierarchical structure. Features alt hierarchies and device models.
  • Full Featured Out of the Box - The solution comes full-featured out of the box, including device provisioning, bulk provisioning, whitelisting, OTA, anomaly detection, and notifications.
  • Command and Control - Remote command and control of devices, such as start, stop, reboot, and collect logs.
  • Machine Learning - Support for machine learning models via AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon Elasticsearch, and Amazon SageMaker.


Serverless and Full Featured Out of the Box
The Rubix Platform is built on AWS Serverless technologies which makes it easy to scale and operate. The solution is full-featured out-of-the-box, enabling customers to get started right away. Rubix comes with provisioning, whitelisting, bulk provisioning, device type creation, flexible device library, alerts and notifications, command and control, and a next gen UI.

Open Integration and Full Data Access
Rubix is built on industry-standard, micro-services architecture that provides easy and open integration with existing systems in order to ingest or export data. Customers also have full access to their data to perform any custom reporting or analytics using the reporting tool of their choice.