Vertex Software Visualization Platform for the Digital Twin

Fuel Team Collaboration by Unlocking 3D Data


As a result of the rapid growth of digital transformation, companies must manage a massive influx of data and demands on different departments. The digital twin promises to connect siloed departments and external operations. However, building a visually-aligned graphics-rich digital twin is proving to be a significant challenge in manufacturing. Existing 3D tools require expensive hardware with high-end GPUs as well as cumbersome on-premise software to visualize 3D. Ultimately, this is slowing down the promise of the digital twin’s return on investment (ROI) in Industry 4.0.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Vertex Software’s cloud-based, digital twin platform fuels team collaboration by unlocking 3D data and providing aligned visuals across your internal and external teams. Our highly scalable, responsive, cloud-based patent-pending solution supports customers all along the digital thread. We offer a zero-transformation experience, helping companies reduce the data transformation process to 2% of the time at a fraction of the cost. Our platform customers are currently building 3D visual collaboration solutions on our platform which include design collaboration, 3D-enabled product and full-factory IoT visualization, assembly work instructions, sales configurators, and field service automation.


Unlock 3D data from product lifecycle management (PLM), computer-aided design (CAD), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools for your enterprise.

  • Build and Extend Custom Solutions - Build any custom solution to visualize any size model with any number of users on any device.
  • Connect Visuals to a System of Record - Connect enterprise data to a single 3D visualization source anywhere in your extended enterprise.
  • Automate Data Transformation - Eliminate manual data transformation activities to get interactive, real-time 3D digital twins to your business users fast.
  • Deliver Low-Code Applications Quickly - The Vertex platform is easy to implement. Start visualizing 3D in just a few lines of code to get up and running fast.


Align your business critical data to 3D models
We give companies PLM-aligned data in real-time. Our customers have nimble, ad-hoc, and connected collaboration capabilities through our system of engagement and cloud architecture. They develop true, task-specific digital twin solutions for operational effectiveness and efficiency. We horizontally integrate a manufacturer’s process on top of our digital twin platform, connecting all teams with a shared visual context that mirrors the physical products they build, sell, and support.

Bring visualization to any application, user, and device
We provide increased efficiency all along the digital thread by delivering a shared visual context from engineering to manufacturing to sales and service. Our customers instantly visualize, from any device, 3D models larger than what they can even access on today’s most powerful and expensive workstations. And any number of users can access massive models simultaneously.