Wipro Smart Asset Track and Trace Solution

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Wipro is an innovation-led cloud provider, helping enterprises in their digital journey. Customers face challenges across industries in tracking indoor and outdoor assets. Challenges include a lack of asset visibility. Without real-time visibility of assets, customers lack the tools to increase efficiency and utilization. Assets can also get misplaced during put-in and put-out operations. Customers can underutilize their assets without tracking functionality, resulting in re-ordering of already available assets or not ordering critical assets on time.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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The Smart Asset Track and Trace solution from Wipro addresses the challenges faced by different industries in tracking indoor and outdoor assets. The solution leverages IoT and cloud technologies to track different types of assets and monitors the asset’s real time location to increasing asset visibility, reducing theft/misplacements, and increasing over all operational efficiency.

The end-to-end solution offering includes sensor tags, an IoT gateway, connectivity, the platform, and a cloud-hosted track and trace application which is secured end to end. The solution can be integrated with enterprise systems for assetmanagement, inventory management, and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to provide seamless operation with high degree of automation.


  • Increase Asset Location visibility - Increased asset location visibility to reduce human effort in locating assets.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency - Near real time monitoring to increase overall operation efficiency.
  • Reduce Losses and Reconcile - Asset monitoring and geofencing to reduce loss/theft and increase accountability.


Real Time Tracking
Real time tracking of asset locations ncrease asset visibility to reduce human effort required to locate assets and increase labor efficiency and utilization. The solution leverages different IoT tags to get real time location.

Different Asset types
Wipro Track and Trace can connect to different asset types and classes.

  • Asset Class Supported: Man, machine, and material  
  • Asset Types Supported: Powered assets, and unpowered assets 
  • Type of Tracking Supported: Outdoor, indoor, and in transit