Experience-Based Acceleration (EBA)

Accelerate your cloud journey with an outcome-focused transformation methodology

Leverage hands-on, agile, and immersive engagements to speed up your organization’s digital transformation and cloud value realization. Hundreds of enterprises at various levels of cloud maturity have harnessed EBA to build cloud foundations, migrate at scale, modernize their businesses, and innovate for their customers. They have succeeded because of a proven learn-by-doing working model that seamlessly scales to drive business value.

Use EBA as your catalyst to create a cloud-fluent culture. 

Get to Know EBA

Revolutionize Your Enterprise by Implementing a Top-Down Strategy

Introduce a new cloud-fluent way of working

Accelerate business outcomes with a results-oriented approach

Align cross-functional teams to eliminate siloes

Empower your builders to create end-to-end solutions

Design processes and repeatable patterns for scale

Build proficiency to advance your digital transformation

Addressing Your Enterprise’s Needs


Accelerate platform readiness and cloud foundations for a seamless migration. Outcomes range from building and validating landing zones to streamlining cloud operating model and migration processes, security and governance. Within a few days, your teams can optimize workflows and resolve hurdles, enabling migration velocity while tackling more complex application landscapes. 


Develop scalable, repeatable patterns for rapid migration and cloud operations with cross-functional teams. Migrate applications to AWS within days, remove critical blockers, and implement platform automation and process efficiencies to unlock migration-at-scale. Build sustainable working models by replacing assumptions with data-driven insights.

Modernization (ModAx)

Leverage prescriptive Modernization Pathways to transform your applications into modern cloud architecture in AWS. Modernization efforts range from re-factoring monolithic applications into cloud-native microservices to re-platforming onto fully managed containers and modern data analytics services.


Enable step-by-step guidance to help your teams manage and optimize cloud spend and usage during each step of your cloud journey. Transition from legacy operations to a dynamic and modern cloud operating model by building the right capability within your organization.


Empower your teams to deliver innovation with increased agility by helping you build Machine Learning models and Generative AI capabilities that can address important business use cases. This framework allows you to implement best practices into your business operations and get the full support needed to deliver rapid results more efficiently.

EBA Customers

Tap AWS expertise and start your journey to become a modern digital business.


Customers Sharing Their Experience

Blog Series and Publications

Blog post | 7 min read
Level up your cloud transformation with EBA

Learn how EBA is helping enterprises address cloud challenges by enabling customers and partners to develop new ways of working and collaborating
 to solve problems and unblock issues.

Blog post | 6 min read
Maximize cloud benefits by modernizing your business

Leverage EBA to modernize your business on the cloud to improve scalability, agility, and cost savings.

Modern High Tech Authentic Robot Arm Holding Contemporary Super Computer Processor. Industrial Robotic Manipulator End Effector Holding CPU Chip
Blog post | 8 min read
Deliver your first Machine Learning use case

Do you want to move your organization’s ML journey from pilot to production even faster? Discover how to implement your first ML use case in just 8–12 weeks by leveraging EBA.

couple man and woman husband wife play smart phone video games at home
Blog post | 7 min read
Transform your organizational
 structures in 3 days

Through EBA, you can accelerate business value by removing friction points, building cross-functional teams, and enabling two way door decisions all within 3 days.

Customers Leveraging Our Methodology

London Stock Exchange Group uses EBA to improve resilience

Discover how the teams from LSEG successfully implemented architectural improvements to reduce application recovery time and enhance metric granularity and alerting.

SAP Concur overcame migration obstacles using EBA

After undergoing a series of EBAs, SAP Concur gained the momentum it needed to successfully complete migration of their entire platform to Cloud.

They have some important decisions to make as a team. Shot of a group of colleagues working together in an office.
Amdocs EBA reduced months of work

Amdocs leveraged a 3-day EBA to kick-start microservices deployment and streamline decisionmaking with an agile working model.

Engineer, server room and portrait of a man with a tablet for programming, cybersecurity or maintenance. Technician person in a datacenter for network, software or system upgrade app with technology
EBA hackathon sparked innovation at Carrier

AWS teamed up with Carrier for a company-wide hackathon to accelerate strategic efforts and to foster a culture of innovation.

couple man and woman husband wife play smart phone video games at home
Telkomsel modernizes key business applications

Telkomsel reduced deployment time and costs, scaling application management while still supporting a 175% increase in subscribers.

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