Posted On: Dec 1, 2020

Today we are announcing preview of AWS Local Zones in Boston, Houston, and Miami, with plans to launch 12 additional AWS Local Zones throughout 2021 in key metro areas in the United States including Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. Using these new AWS Local Zones, customers will now be able to deliver ultra-low latency applications to end-users in cities across the continental United States.

AWS Local Zones are a type of AWS infrastructure deployment that places AWS compute, storage, database, and other select services closer to large population, industry, and IT centers where no AWS Region exists today. You can use AWS Local Zones to run applications that require single-digit millisecond latency for use cases such as media & entertainment content creation, real-time gaming, live video streaming, AR/VR, and machine learning inference. And you can also seamlessly connect your applications to the full range of services in the AWS Region through the same APIs and tool sets. 

To learn more, please refer to our blog or visit the AWS Local Zones website. You can request access for the preview in Boston, Houston, and Miami here