CasaOne offers a one-stop, cost-effective furniture rental/leasing solution with design guidance, seamless project management and a white-glove moving, delivery, and installation experience.

“At CasaOne, we make sure our customers get access to their furniture in a few business days. In order to better predict how many couches CasaOne customers might rent in the Bay Area or how many coffee tables customers might rent in NY, we leverage the capabilities of Amazon Forecast. With Amazon Forecast, our sales prediction accuracy has improved by 20% compared to our existing forecasting algorithm. This means we can stock the right products and save on purchase costs worth a few thousand dollars. Improved product selection will also lead to enhanced customer experience in the long run."

Madhusudan Kagwad, Co-founder and Head of Products - CasaOne 

CJ Logistics

CJ Logistics

CJ Logistics is a leading integrated transportation and logistics service provider for individuals and companies in Korea.

“Amazon Forecast has been applied to CJ Logistics’ parcel volume forecasting process to optimize the amount of human resources, transportation, and warehouse space we provision to meet demand. Amazon Forecast allows us to use sophisticated machine learning-based forecasting techniques without building our own system. We have a clear method for increasing our operational efficiency by using Amazon Forecast.”

YoungSoo Kim, Vice President of TES Strategy Unit - CJ Logistics

Dev Factory


DevFactory is the factory for repetitive, low-value tasks in software development that allow dev teams to focus their precious development resources on delivering value to their products and clients.

"Using AI to improve our own products and operations is core to the fundamental principles of a factory. We’re using Amazon Forecast as a foundational capability in some of our products to more accurately predict sales and be able to deliver better inventory planning as a result. Amazon Forecast gives us the ability to use advanced machine-learning algorithms in our products without having to build and train models manually. This not only makes our products simple to build and maintain, but it also offers our customers greater accuracy, availability, and scalability. This is a real win not only for us but also for our customers.”

Rahul Subramaniam, CEO - DevFactory



OMOTOR helps businesses improve through AI by providing them with the best of machine learning algorithms, computer vision techniques and cognitive bots that can communicate via WhatsApp and others platforms.

"At OMOTOR, we use AI to innovate on behalf of our customers, so access to the most cutting-edge deep learning technologies from AWS is imperative to our client's success. Using Amazon Forecast gives us the ability to create and refine various forecasts from time series data without having to build and train a model manually every time. We forecast real sales for the next 12 months, so we can adequately plan for inventory, estimate future profitability, track market share gain or loss, and other insights. This means we can use more contextual data, optimize more frequently, generate forecasts with upwards of 50% improvements in accuracy, and operate at a great speed. For example, we're helping customers in the automotive industry predict sales across 185 vehicles in Brazil.”

Marcio Rodrigues, CEO - OMOTOR

Puget Sound Energy

Puget Sound Energy

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is the state’s largest utility, supporting 1.1 million electric customers and 825,000 natural gas customers in communities in 10 Washington counties.

“At PSE, we’ve used Amazon Forecast to forecast electric and gas consumption at a typical residence. We found that even with a very limited set of historical consumption and weather data, Amazon Forecast performed very well at forecasting 30 days out with virtually no manual effort. With the increased emphasis on environmentally-friendly energy solutions, the ability to produce more accurate energy usage projections at each of our customers’ homes and businesses will be essential for energy service providers like PSE. With these enhanced analytical capabilities, PSE will be able to identify custom energy saving programs and services, ultimately reducing customer bills.” 

Paul Johnson, Sr. Cloud Architect - PSE 

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