AI Application Developer

How can application developers use machine learning?

With AI Services application developers can harness the power of AI to create intelligent applications for common use cases, such as contact center intelligence, document analysis, personalization and fraud detection with just a few clicks–no machine learning expertise required. By adding Amazon Personalize to their existing workflow, a web developer at a large retailer can provide personal recommendations to customers. An application developer who wants to make customer interaction more natural with the use of chat bots can leverage Amazon Lex and even experienced machine learning practitioners can easily augment an application with pre-trained AI Services.

What Will I Learn?

Real-time text analysis
Run built-in text analysis on three customer reviews to extract sentiment, entities, key phrases, language, and syntax.
Use data for decision making
Uncover insights with sentiment analysis to make better decisions.
Add intelligence to applications
Add additional capabilities to your application to address business use cases with AI Services.

Get Started!

In a multitude of industries, companies are looking to sort and analyze data to provide value to customers. In this tutorial, you will learn how to analyze sentiment in text in order to uncover insights and relationships in unstructured data in using Amazon Comprehend in 10 minutes.
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