Design SaaS on AWS

Shape your SaaS vision and strategy

Your journey to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) starts by developing a clear business and technical strategy that aligns your organization on how your application will be designed, built, marketed, sold, supported, and monetized.

Explore resources for developing a business plan and architecture strategy of your SaaS application. Discover best practices and tools that can help define a clear vision and keep your cross-functional teams in lock-step.

Nasdaq shares insights from their SaaS transformation

Fundamentals for designing SaaS

Learn core concepts and principles for designing a holistic SaaS business and technology strategy.

  • Technical
  • Recommended fundamentals for product and technology teams.
    Explore the SaaS delivery model and learn how to plan and build a compliance roadmap.
    Learn the core terminology, strategies, and patterns necessary for building SaaS on AWS.
    Deep dive into Tenant isolation, a fundamental component in the design and build of SaaS.
  • Business
  • Recommended fundamentals for product and business teams.
    Rethink your market, sell, support, and operational approaches to move to SaaS.
    Dive into the business transformation necessary for a successful SaaS organization.
    Discover insights into the unique stages of the SaaS journey and guidance for each milestone.

AWS SaaS design resources

Search our library to find best practices and solutions for designing SaaS on AWS.

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Discover resources to accelerate any phase of your SaaS journey on AWS. Build today, innovate tomorrow.


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