SaaS Migration and Modernization

Transform to a cloud-native SaaS model

Modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications provide a competitive advantage which allow the business to accelerate build cycles, deliver reliable, resilient, and secure applications, and deliver value to customers faster and cost effectively.

Explore AWS resources which can take on operational overhead so you can focus resources on innovation and customer experience. Discover the patterns and proven best practices that can help accelerate your SaaS migration and modernization, allowing you to evolve your SaaS application as quickly as your business evolves.

Gitlab’s journey to greater productivity, efficiency, and scale
Gitlab’s journey to greater productivity, efficiency, and scale

Fundamentals for SaaS migration and modernization

Learn core concepts and principles for building a modern SaaS business and application on AWS.

  • Technical
  • Recommended fundamentals for product and technology teams.
    Explore the common challenges, patterns, and proven best practices for SaaS transformation.
    Dive into the approaches that will help you realize the full value proposition of the SaaS.
    Discover all the moving parts of a migration by looking at a real-world example.
  • Business
  • Recommended fundamentals for product and business teams.
    Exasol discusses their SaaS transformation and key resources that accelerated the journey.
    Explore best practices and strategies for realizing the full potential of SaaS.
    Nasdaq shares insights on the organizational changes and impacts of their journey to SaaS.

AWS SaaS migration and modernization resources

Search our library to find best practices and solutions for migrating and modernizing SaaS on AWS.

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To help you accelerate the development and deployment of SaaS applications, AWS identifies leading AWS SaaS Competency Partners with targeted solutions and consultancy services.

Explore the SaaS Journey

Discover resources to accelerate any phase of your SaaS journey on AWS. Build today, innovate tomorrow.


Plan a holistic business and technology strategy.

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Develop a minimum viable product (MVP), quickly.

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Grow acquisition, retention, and customer value.

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Improve the performance of your SaaS application.

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