AWS Elemental Support

Support for on-premises video processing appliances and software

AWS Elemental Support is dedicated to providing outstanding service and support to customers around the world. We recognize that every customer is unique and has different technical resources and capabilities, system availability, and response time requirements. Our team offers a wide range of service and support options to meet your individual needs. Each offering is designed to make your AWS Elemental video processing and delivery solutions operate with high reliability and performance.


Migrate from ground to cloud

AWS Elemental Support assists your engineers and operations teams when migrating on-premise solutions to innovative media workflows in the AWS cloud. Our support team helps you efficiently deploy your video workflows to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of AWS.

Identify and mitigate workflow risks

Broadcast media workflows are measured in uptime, and this goal is no different when operating in AWS. Our support programs can help you adhere to best practices and are designed to deploy media workflows that are resilient and reliable.

Focus on your core business

Our support resources include self-help tools and documentation, technical support teams, and programs to assist your deployments, high-visibility launches, or live events. Let us help with your video solution so you can focus on your core business.


Experienced professionals

The AWS Elemental Support team is comprised of highly skilled professionals, experienced and trained in video processing, including video encoding and decoding, solution integration, and content delivery technologies and applications. These experts bring extensive industry knowledge and experience to assist customers in analyzing, troubleshooting, and implementing a host of video processing functions.

Worldwide capabilities

With deployments in more than 50 countries, AWS Elemental has satisfied customers throughout the world and continues to grow its customer support resources, including its regional and global inventory. AWS Elemental maintains support resources and regional depots in critical geographies to provide inventory, parts replacement, and logistics management – ensuring parts are delivered to customers on time – worldwide.

Responsive support processes

AWS Elemental support processes are designed to provide fast responses and effective management of issues for AWS Elemental products and services. AWS Elemental uses a three-tier escalation process, with most issues handled by Tier 1 and Tier 2 Technical Support Engineers. Issues escalated beyond the Support Services teams are handled directly by AWS Elemental’s Engineering teams.

Service plans

The AWS Elemental Support team has a variety of resources to help keep your video workflows running smoothly. We have publicly-available resources to help get you started, as well as paid support plans that provide additional technical support.

Self-service resources and developer support

Product documentation, forums, and training resources can help you identify and develop the right solution for your business. These self-service resources are available to anyone.

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Enhanced Service plan

If you need support for AWS Elemental appliances that are part of a media workflow, but are not critical infrastructure components, you can get additional technical support with an Enhanced Service plan. This gives you access to the AWS Elemental Support Center, media-specialized front-line support, and access to a library of support articles.

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Premier Service plan

If you use AWS Elemental appliances in workflows for primary contribution to the cloud or primary distribution to other network partners, the Premier Service plan is your best choice. Starting with everything the Enhanced Service plan provides, the Premier Service plan adds best-in-class support for the appliances in your workflows with improved resolution targets and optional add-ons like a media-specialized Technical Account Manager.

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Media Event Management

AWS Elemental Media Event Management (MEM) is a support program designed to improve the operational reliability of your business-critical video events. MEM is ideal for supporting live events, onboarding and deploying new workloads, releasing season premieres, and launching 24x7 live linear channels.

Visit the Media Event Management page to learn more.

Scope of AWS Elemental Support

AWS Elemental Support plans cover development and production issues for AWS Elemental hardware and software products, along with other key AWS stack components.

AWS Elemental Support includes:

  • Answering "how to" questions about AWS Elemental hardware, software, and features
  • Sharing best practices to help you successfully integrate, deploy, and manage media workflows using AWS Elemental appliances
  • Troubleshooting AWS Elemental appliance hardware and software issues
  • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with AWS Elemental resources
AWS Elemental Support does not include:
  • Code development
  • Debugging custom software
  • Performing system administration tasks
  • Logs query tuning
  • Cross-account support (for more information, visit the AWS Elemental Support FAQ page)
For a complete list of activities that are within the scope of your support services, please review our service plans.

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