RIO Builds On AWS to Bring Digital Innovation to the Transportation and Logistics Sector


Part of the TRATON Group (previously Volkswagen Truck & Bus), RIO develops digital products that connect logistics and telematics data to offer shippers and carriers real-time visibility on their shipments. RIO collaborates with Volkswagen Group Logistics, which operates 18,000 truckloads across Europe daily. 

According to Christian Deger, chief architect at RIO, the company started in the cloud and is now embracing an Amazon Web Services (AWS)–first mentality, favoring solutions built on AWS over self-hosted ones. RIO uses AWS to create an open, scalable, and agile unified cloud platform for transportation and logistics management, on which everyone in the supply chain can connect. “AWS allows us to ingest and process IoT data from our devices without worrying about scaling and storage capacities. We know that, if the load increases, AWS can scale,” says Deger.

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AWS Helps RIO Bring Digital Innovation to Transportation and Logistics (1:50)

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