AWS Account Assignment Requirements

Last Updated: January 19, 2024

Except any assignment (i) of an AWS account to or from a government entity; (ii) of an account associated with AWS regions that are logically and physically separated from generally available AWS Global Infrastructure; or (iii) where such AWS account is or would be (upon assignment) purchasing Services from AWS India, AWS consents to the assignment of an AWS account (the “Transfer Account”) from one entity (“Assignor”) to another entity (“Assignee”) subject to the following terms and conditions, and other AWS Service Terms.  Capitalized terms have the meaning given to them below, on the AWS Site, or as otherwise defined in the AWS Customer Agreement located at, or other written agreement between Assignee and AWS governing Assignee’s use of Services ("Agreement"):

(1) immediately upon Assignor changing the Transfer Account’s root user credentials to credentials controlled by Assignee (“Transfer”), which is permitted for the purpose of complying with these requirements, Assignee must update the Transfer Account with its own account information, including payment, billing, tax, and contact details;

(2) Assignee must be bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement;  

(3) at the time of Transfer, the Transfer Account must not have an outstanding balance;

(4) both Assignor and Assignee must be responsible for all fees, charges, and taxes incurred under the Transfer Account at the time of Transfer, and AWS may seek payment from Assignee for all fees, charges, and taxes incurred under the Transfer Account after Transfer;

(5) if the Transfer Account was receiving AWS Enterprise Support, then Assignor must submit a request to to remove such Transfer Account from Assignor’s Support profile prior to Transfer and the level of AWS Support in the Transfer Account’s Management Console must reflect that AWS has removed AWS Enterprise Support;     

(6) if as a result of the Transfer, the Transfer Account is (or continues to be) associated with the resale of Services, then Assignee must have been authorized by AWS at the time of Transfer to resell such Services and must be complying with all applicable terms, including any necessary authorization to sell to government entities; 

(7) if the Transfer Account was receiving discounting under an agreement with AWS and the discounting under such agreement does not apply to Assignee, then the Transfer Account must have been removed from such agreement prior to Transfer;

(8) if the Transfer Account contains "protected health information" as defined in 45 C.F.R. § 160.103, then immediately upon Transfer, Assignee must ensure that such Transfer Account is covered by a Business Associate Addendum between Assignee and AWS;

(9) if the Transfer Account contains agreements accepted through AWS Artifact (“Artifact Agreements”), then Assignor must have terminated all such agreements applicable to the Transfer Account prior to Transfer and, immediately upon Transfer, Assignee must accept any applicable agreements through AWS Artifact; 

(10) the assignment is not made in order to arbitrage, avoid, or profit from pricing commitments to AWS through Transfer, as determined by AWS in its sole discretion; and  

(11) if the Transfer Account is linked to an AWS GovCloud (US) account, then prior to Transfer, Assignee must have been deemed eligible for an AWS GovCloud (US) account by AWS, received written confirmation of such from AWS, and provided such written confirmation to Assignor.

When removing the Transfer Account’s features, such as AWS Enterprise Support, discounting, or Artifact Agreements, Assignor should review all other accounts in the Transfer Account’s AWS Organization to avoid inadvertently modifying accounts not being assigned.