For questions and answers about AISPL and the changes you are experiencing, please read through our FAQs below.

1.       What is Amazon Internet Services India Private Limited (AISPL)?

Amazon Internet Services India Private Limited (AISPL) is an affiliate of Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) based in India.

2.       What is a seller of record (SOR) and why is it important?

A seller of record (SOR) is a local business entity established within a jurisdiction (country) to resell AWS services. Being able to support our customers and partners effectively is important to us. To that end, we regularly review our business structures to verify that we are able to serve our customers best. The local SOR is subject to local laws and regulations. The SOR is the contracting party with local customers, so customers can be billed by and remit payment to a local business entity in local currency. A local SOR will simplify and support the growing adoption of cloud computing across the region.

3.       When did AWS launch a seller of record (SOR) in India?

On April 1, 2016, AWS began selling our services from our India-based AWS entity, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited, ("AISPL").  Both AWS and AISPL are wholly owned subsidiaries of, Inc. AISPL provides all invoicing and payment services for your accounts based in India.

4.       Which of my AWS accounts are affected?

Any AWS account with a Tax Address on their Tax Settings page located in India have been billed by AISPL since April 1, 2016. Please see here for further guidance.

5.       How does AWS determine the Tax Address and country for my account(s)?

At the moment of invoicing, AWS determines the location of each individual account, the appropriate AWS seller and applicable taxes. This location determination is displayed as the “Tax Address” on the Tax Settings page. Please see here for further guidance.

6.       What changed when my contracting party changed over to AISPL in 2016?

The Customer Agreement and all other agreements governing the use of AWS services were updated to replace AWS, Inc. with AISPL in 2016. AISPL is the relevant AWS contracting party for accounts located in India under the AWS Customer Agreement . Your continued use of AWS services after the launch in 2016 constitutes acceptance of the customer agreement with AISPL. AISPL invoices are issued in Indian Rupees (INR). AISPL accept only INR as payment currency.

7.      What’s changing from November 4, 2022?

AISPL has transitioned from a standalone customer agreement to the global AWS Customer Agreement and all the terms under the AISPL Customer Agreement have been incorporated within the global AWS Customer Agreement. Existing AISPL customers will continue to be governed under the same terms as the standalone agreement with AISPL.