Amazon Lex for Financial Services

Quickly deploy sophisticated conversational experiences on secure infrastructure

Empower Finance with Amazon Lex

AWS provides financial services institutions across banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance the secure, resilient global cloud infrastructure and services they need to differentiate themselves today and adapt to the needs of tomorrow. Amazon Lex helps deliver sophisticated and natural conversational experiences as financial intuitions optimize customer service delivery models to meet rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations.

Amazon Lex for Financial Services offers pre-built solutions for your use case, to enable exceptional customer experience without compromising on operational efficiency. With the pre-built chatbots, you can automate customer service interactions such as credit card payment, mortgage loan applications, portfolio status, and account updates. The pre-built bots are configured with intents, sample utterances, slot types for financial service use cases and are integrated with Amazon Connect contact flows so you can enable more experiences, faster.

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Amazon Lex provides automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies to transcribe input, identify user’s intent, and fluidly manage the conversation. You can use the pre-built bots to quickly deliver personalized experiences for financial services by managing context and orchestrating dialog based on business knowledge. The pre-built bots provide a ready integration with Amazon Kendra, a highly accurate and easy-to-use intelligent search service, so the bot can easily answer natural language questions in a customer service call. Overall, you can now enable richer and lifelike conversations and transform the service experience.
Amazon Lex can help you drive digital engagement in the financial services domain, with minimal effort. You can easily publish the bots on voice modality (e.g., Amazon Connect) or a social media platform (e.g., Facebook Messenger), directly from the Amazon Lex console, reducing duplicative development efforts. The pre-built bots include orchestration to conduct an omni-channel conversation, including agent handover support. You can create flows for common tasks (e.g., transfer funds) or conversation patterns (e.g., putting call on hold) resulting in reduced effort and an accelerated go-to-market.
Amazon Lex is a completely managed service that can automatically scale with usage, so you don’t need to worry about provisioning hardware and managing infrastructure to power your bot. As part of the pre-built solution, you have access to the authentication and verification logic that you can easily incorporate into your conversation flows. You can use Amazon Lex to capture, transmit, and retrieve sensitive payment card data for use cases such as payment processing, and mobile wallet that are subject to PCI DSS compliance. AWS core infrastructure meets stringent security and data requirements for financial services and you can build with confidence to deliver secure and scalable experiences.

Use Cases

Deepen customer relationship with banking customers by delivering on-demand and personalized interactions on a channel of their choice. With Amazon Lex, you can automate account management processes such as reviewing account balance, updating account information, transferring funds, resetting account password, and answering FAQs. You can streamline the authentication and verification flows in the conversation and transform the service experience through the value chain, working backwards from the customer.
Consumers are adopting a digital-first experience, which has increased the need for omni-channel engagement and personalization. Use Amazon Lex to turn common cardholder activities such as activating card, making payments, disputing transactions, checking credit scores, resetting PIN, and reporting lost/stolen card into automated voice or chat interactions. Building on AWS empowers you to modernize infrastructure, meet rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations, and drive business growth.
Home buyers want reliable digital tools and easy access to information as they navigate the purchase process. With Amazon Lex, you can easily design a bot to automate natural conversations for use cases such as checking loan application status, making a payment, or finding answers to FAQs. Amazon Lex helps lenders and title companies to operate more efficiently and provide the digital closing experience that consumers are increasingly demanding.
Capital Markets firms want to provide differentiated service by personalizing recommendations in real time. Use Amazon Lex to automate routine tasks such as checking account positions or getting quotes to reduce operational overhead. Improve service and support across voice and chat channels to deliver timely help and execute fund transfers. Accelerate innovation, scale with confidence, and add agility to your business by quickly delivering richer conversational experiences.
Efficient merchant services are key for businesses to seamlessly accept and process payments from their customers. You can utilize Amazon Lex bots to augment customer service operations by automating common use cases such as invoicing, transfer, disputes, and refunds. Amazon Lex can facilitate effective conversations with better engagement and lower resolution time for customer queries resulting in higher customer satisfaction scores.


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