Amazon Linux 2022

A modern distribution of Linux, optimized for the cloud, with a focus on stability, security, and performance.

Amazon Linux 2022 (AL2022) is the next generation of Amazon Linux from Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides a security focused, stable, and high-performance execution environment to develop and run cloud applications. With Amazon Linux 2022, you get an application environment that offers long term support with access to the latest innovations in Linux. Using Fedora as the upstream, AL2022 is a stable distribution that has gone through extensive testing to offer package stability and is maintained and managed with all necessary security updates. Amazon Linux 2022 is provided at no additional charge.

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Optimized for AWS

Amazon Linux 2022 is optimized for Amazon EC2, comes well integrated with latest AWS features, and offers an integrated experience with many of AWS-specific tools.


Easy to plan and manage operating system lifecycle

New Amazon Linux major versions will be available every two years and each major version, including AL2022, will come with five years of long term support. 

Flexible and consistent update experience

Based on Fedora, AL2022 provides frequent and flexible quarterly updates. AL2022 also locks to a specific version of the Amazon Linux package repository, giving you control over how and when you absorb updates.


High security standard

AL2022 sets a high security and hardening standard with features such as SELinux, kernel live-patching (x86-64 and ARM), OpenSSL 3.0, and revised cryptographic policies. Major applications within AL2022 come with pre-configured SELinux policies to help you meet your compliance needs. AL2022 also allows you to set security policies at boot time.


Amazon Linux 2022 is provided at no additional charge. Standard Amazon EC2 and AWS charges apply for running Amazon EC2 instances and other services.

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