AWS Digital Innovation (DI) Hero

AWS Digital Innovation (DI) Hero is a program designed to recognize digital transformation champions, who continuously drive innovation within their organizations, celebrating a collective success in rolling the first boulder up the mountain, reaching the first milestone in their journey to better and brighter future business.

AWS Digital Innovation (DI) Hero

Whether your organization has created an innovative new app to simplify customer interactions, expanded into e-commerce, or implemented enterprise software solutions, chances are you have already gone through some level of 0 to 1 digital transformation. It’s never easy to start something new, something different, something revolutionary in an organization even when you know it’s the right thing to do. Below, we celebrate digital transformation champions who continuously drive innovation within their organizations.

Digital Innovation (DI) Heroes in Hong Kong

 Louis Mah

 Director of Group IT of Maxim’s Group

 DI Hero since 2023

Louis is Director of Group IT of Maxim’sGroup. Louis is responsible to overseeing technology related, formulate strategy with innovation ideas to grow technological capabilities. Louis
manages various functional team leads to ensuring the IT operations and supporting services to Businesses, Manufacturing and Functional Departments. In past 4 years, the rapid business digital transformation in F&B industry, Louis has been managing various digital mobile, websites and automation implementation; aims to enhance and uplift customers digital journey and eCommerce multi-channels.

Paul Lui, CEO and Executive Director, UA Finance

 Lawrence Fong

 Director Digital and IT, Cathay Pacific

 DI Hero since 2023

Lawrence Fong, Director of Digital and IT, Cathay Pacific has been named AWS’s 2023 Digital Innovation Hero! In addition to rolling out initiatives that continuously promote Cathay’s innovation culture, Lawrence has also led the team to re-architect the organization’s IT infrastructure, moving critical applications to cloud and pushed the boundaries of innovation by bringing in generative AI and machine learning to Cathay to enhance customer experience. Talents sits at the heart of Cathay’s innovation strategy, with a clear focus to upskill employees and further engage in digital experimentations. Join us in celebrating Lawrence’s commendable achievement in driving digital transformation!

Paul Lui, CEO and Executive Director, UA Finance

 Paul Lui

 CEO and Executive Director, UA Finance

 DI Hero since 2023

Paul, CEO and Executive Director at UA Finance. Under his visionary leadership, UA Finance has swiftly adapted to the digital era, revolutionizing the loan application process across various industries. Championing digital transformation, Paul has significantly enhanced the development of online and mobile application services, providing more convenient and efficient digital solutions to meet the evolving loan needs of customers. We are proud to celebrate Paul's remarkable contribution to digital innovation in the finance industry!

Jim Man, Chief Information Officer, UA Finance

 Jim Man

 Chief Information Officer, UA Finance

 DI Hero since 2023

Jim, Chief Information Officer at UA Finance. He recognizes the transformative role of cloud technology in UA Finance's business growth, fully acknowledging the importance of technological innovation for operational efficiency and customer experience. The advent of cloud computing has redefined the dynamics of their business. By providing a flexible, scalable, and reliable infrastructure, it allows them to deploy and run applications more rapidly, facilitating swift business expansion. We are proud to celebrate Jim's exceptional commitment to digital innovation in the finance industry!

Aidan Steele, Senior engineer at Nightvision

 Stephen Leung

 Head of Information Technology & Fintech Development, The Bank of East Asia, Limited

 DI Hero since 2023

Stephen, the Head of Information Technology and Fintech Development at The Bank of East Asia is making impact on how the bank innovates faster, builds customized experience and streamlines banking operations with AWS Cloud. We are proud to celebrate the successes Stephen made and together we are committed to continue to drive changes in the industry.

Alan Chung, Chief Information Officer, Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited

 Alan Chung

 Chief Information Officer, Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited

 DI Hero since 2023

Alan is a key member of the executive leadership team responsible for formulating technology-enabled business strategy of Dah Chong Hong Holdings (DCH). With a strong commitment to ethical business practices, people development, and social responsibility, Alan is leading the change in creating the fundamental pillars for DCH's success in the new digital landscape. 

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