The AWS Mobile SDK helps you build high quality mobile apps quickly and easily. It provides easy access to a range of AWS services: Mobile Backend (AWS Lambda), Cloud Storage (Amazon S3), User Data & Identity Management (Amazon Cognito), Cloud NoSQL Database (Amazon DynamoDB), Analytics (Amazon Mobile Analytics) and more.

The AWS Mobile SDK includes libraries, code samples, and documentation for iOS, Android, Fire OS, and Unity so you can build apps that deliver great experiences across devices and platforms.

AWS Mobile SDK for Android and Fire OS

Download Android SDK v2
Get the source on GitHub

AWS Mobile SDK for Unity - Developer Preview

Download Unity SDK
Get the source on GitHub

Amazon Mobile Analytics SDK for JavaScript - Developer Preview

Download Mobile Analytics SDK for JavaScript

Walks through the steps for setting up the SDK and running the code samples. iOS | Android | Unity

Demonstrates usage of various services in the AWS Mobile SDK. iOS | Android | Unity

Describes all the API operations for the SDK in detail. Also provides sample requests, responses, and errors for the supported web services protocols. iOS | Android | Unity

Building cloud-backed mobile apps using AWS Mobile Services is easy. Read our Getting Started guides to jump start your app development:

  • Add a mobile backend with Amazon Lambda iOS | Android
  • Authenticate users with Amazon Cognito iOS | Android | Unity
  • Sync profile data with Amazon Cognito Cloud Sync iOS | Android | Unity
  • Use Amazon Mobile Analytics in your app iOS | Android | Unity
  • Transfer files with Amazon S3 Transfer Manager iOS | Android | Unity
  • Transfer data with Amazon DynamoDB Object Mapper iOS | Android | Unity
  • Stream data using Amazon Kinesis Recorder iOS | Android
  • Use Amazon Mobile Analytics with your JavaScript enabled apps Blog