Starting your free software trial is easy:

  1. Browse and choose from our catalog
  2. Decide what Amazon EC2 instance type to use
  3. Click to launch & subscribe

There will be no software charges for that trial, but AWS infrastructure charges still apply. You can cancel at any time. If you decide to keep the instance running, you'll receive a notification and automatically be converted to metered hourly subscription.

Are you are eligible for the AWS Free Usage Tier? Will the application you’d like to test run on a micro instance? You can try it out at no charge for software or for AWS resources as long as your resource consumption stays within.


Networking Infrastructure


Business Intelligence & Big Data


Developer Tools

Business Software & Digital Media

Operating Systems

If you are a software vendor, you can offer customers access to a full-featured version of your software for evaluation purposes right from the start. You can do this for any and all of the EC2 instance types. You don’t have to create a separate trial offering and you don’t have to worry about migration when customers want to purchase a full version. Once your product is on the AWS Marketplace, you can offer a Free Trial on the Marketplace with zero engineering effort!    Learn more »