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With Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oil and Gas companies can accelerate digital transformation, unleash innovation to optimize production and profitability, and improve cost and operational efficiencies necessary to compete under the pressures of today’s global energy market.

AWS allows Oil and Gas companies to streamline and reinvent complex, customized IT workflows to thrive despite low prices, shrinking margins, and market volatility. Explorers can extract deep insights faster to improve field planning, geoscientists can run more demanding HPC workflows and identify potential reservoirs faster and cheaper, and refineries can optimize production with predictive maintenance and predictive inventory planning. Energize the Oil & Gas business and kick start innovation with Amazon Web Services.

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Invest in What Matters

Accelerate and optimize exploration, drilling, and production by using AWS machine learning and big data tools to quickly and easily extract powerful insights from structured and unstructured seismic data. This automates time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks, and improves the speed and accuracy of decision making.

Scale on Demand

AWS IoT allows you to improve operational efficiencies by connecting sensors at scale, such as with predictive maintenance of pumps in the oilfield and in retail gas stations. And with nearly limitless high performance computing resources, you can quickly process and visualize this growing set of data to generate insights to improve profitability and competitive differentiation.

Add Agility & Value

The AWS global footprint, with its efficiencies from automation and economies of scale, passes on savings to you while reducing management overhead, so you can improve profitability in spite of shrinking budgets. From ML to IoT to storage services, leverage a broad range of AWS services to lower costs while increasing production.

Go Global in Minutes

As an AWS customer, you will benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. AWS supports a broad and complete set of security and compliance programs including NIST and ISO, which help protect business critical data like seismic and trading. The AWS Cloud spans the globe, making it easy to meet regional compliance and data residency requirements.

"The speed and elastic capacity that we get from the AWS Cloud ... are massively changing and transforming how we operate today."

Troy Darcy, Refining Technology and Engineering Manager, BP

“Having on-premises control makes you feel more secure and compliant. That’s false. Having services like AWS make you more secure and more compliant.”

Shaun Gregory, SVP and CTO, Woodside

“Using AWS, we worry less and spend less time and money on infrastructure. As a result, we can focus more of our attention on content and data quality and on making sure our renewable energy data is discoverable by researchers around the world.”

Ben Wilson, CTO, GE Oil and Gas

“My working assumption a year ago was that the cloud wasn’t as secure as a brick data center. Now, I’m convinced it’s more secure and there’s less risk. We definitely get that from AWS.”

Adrian Heeson, Operations Director, British Gas

Invest in What Matters

Accelerate deeper geological insights to improve decision making in exploration and production, and yield more productive oil extraction. Automate time-consuming processes, and achieve results with greater accuracy.

Sample use cases:

  • Drilling. Reduce drilling hazards, improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Reservoir Simulation. Run models faster and cheaper, optimize extraction, collaborate with ease, improve safety, improve project execution efficiencies.
Scale on Demand

AWS provides the tools to help midstream pipeline operators increase operational efficiency and compliance in areas such as LNG and gas transportation, pipeline integrity management, and workforce management. 

Sample use cases:

Add Agility & Value

AWS provides tools to help refineries, petroleum delivery operators, gas retailers, and other downstream oil and gas companies improve cost and operational efficiencies and improve profitability.

Sample use cases:

AWS provides a broad range of services to help you store exabytes of structured and unstructured data at a lower cost, and quickly extract powerful insights from this data to improve decision making, improve efficiencies, and optimize processes. These insights can also help transform data-intensive workflows which today are tedious, error-prone, and manual.

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AWS provides nearly limitless CPUs and GPUs to accelerate high-performance computing (HPC) workflows like reservoir simulation and seismic processing. Scale quickly and cost-effectively to larger numbers of parallel tasks to support the growing data and compute demands.

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AWS can help oil and gas companies across the value chain optimize sites like oil fields and refineries by providing the tools to digitize and manage heterogeneous assets such as equipment and personnel without connectivity. With tools to extract deeper insights from devices and to control devices at scale, you can maximize production, increase productivity, and improve safety outcomes.

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