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Together, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Palo Alto Networks provide the broadest set of integrated security capabilities, whether an organization is just beginning its cloud journey or modernizing applications using cloud native technologies.

With Palo Alto Networks and AWS, you can take advantage of the broadest set of integrated cloud security solutions on the market, ensuring that security and compliance are properly implemented and continuously maintained throughout your journey to the cloud.

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Improve Visibility

VM-Series Firewalls at Scale on AWS

AWS and Palo Alto Networks experts dive into cloud network security challenges and how to build simple, scalable, and cost-effective network security in AWS with the Gateway Load Balancer and VM-Series virtual Next-Generation firewalls.

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VM Series Cloud Migration

VM-Series and CN-series firewalls protect your AWS virtual and containerized workloads with next-generation security features that allow you to confidently and quickly migrate your business-critical applications to the cloud.

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SD-WAN Connectivity to AWS

Combine disparate networks, including MPLS, internet, and cellular, into a highly available, high-performance, and secure application fabric with Prisma SD-WAN.

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Secure an AWS Hybrid Cloud

Find out how to secure your hybrid cloud with cloud native security – a seemless integration of cloud services and your security platform.

Delivering Scalable & Simple Network

Learn how to go beyond the limitations of legacy security approaches and simplify cloud network security operations with AWS Gateway Load Balancer and VM Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewalls.

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Secure Applications on AWS

This architectural overview links the technical design aspects of VM-Series and AWS services. Learn how the design models provide visibility, control, and protection to applications built on AWS.

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Simplify Compliance

12 Best Practices to Enhance Security of AWS Configs

It’s not easy to maintain a rigorous security posture across complex cloud environments. But you can achieve a strong posture using these cloud security best practices and tips for automated, continuous monitoring.

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Executive eGuide to Protecting Workloads Data on AWS

IT leaders need to understand their organization’s responsibilities for cloud security and identify the controls and protections for securing their applications and data. Follow these recommendations to secure and govern your organization’s data in the cloud.

Effective Security & Compliance in Financial Services

Financial Services organizations are moving to the cloud, and with the move comes questions on how to best stay secure. Learn the answers to common questions about FinServs and how to stay on top of emerging security threats.

An Optimized Approach for Cloud-Native Security to Empower DevOps

Empower DevOps teams to do what they do best without disrupting their work. Learn how AWS and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to provide a single, integrated, cloud-native security solution that delivers better protection and enables a DevSecOps approach.

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Improve your Threat Response with Amazon GuardDuty & AWS Security Hub

Synchronize your security tools to detect threats and automatically respond to attacks with AWS Security Hub and Prisma VM-Series. The combination of AWS and Palo Alto Networks allows you to view, organize, and prioritize security findings within a unified environment.

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Top 10 AWS Security Misconfigurations

Proper configuration can get tricky if you don’t know what you don’t know. Learn how to avoid the 10 most common security risks and misconfigurations found in AWS deployments.

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Detect and Respond to Threats

Agile & Keyless Cloud Security Response

Learn how to orchestrate and automate security incident response across a variety of AWS services in a keyless and secure manner. Even the most complex AWS environment can be automated for faster, more scalable incident response.

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Pokémon Case Study

With the explosive popularity of Pokémon GO, The Pokémon Company needed to scale—fast. The company successfully lifted and shifted to AWS to insure constant customer uptime and business scalability.

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Cortex XSOAR Demo

This 5-minute demo shows how the XSOAR platform connects people, processes, and technology to help your organization identify and respond to threats across the incident lifecycle.

Accelerate the Response to Threats in Your Security Environment

Get an architectural overview of the Palo Alto Networks products and the AWS services that can secure your network and your cloud applications across the entire development lifecycle. Learn how the combined power of AWS and Palo Alto Network can enhance your visibility, threat detection, and response time.

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What customers are saying about Palo Alto Networks

Working with AWS and Palo Alto Networks Prisma® together has made my job incredibly easy… they integrate so seamlessly.

- Jacob Bornemann, Senior Security Engineer, The Pokémon Company International

Complete Integrated Security Solutions

Secure and Accelerate Cloud Native App Dev on AWS

Disparate security solutions can slow down application development, even for the most agile security and DevOps teams. Prisma® Cloud delivers broad security and compliance coverage—for applications, data, and the entire cloud native technology stack—throughout the development lifecycle and across your AWS environment.

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AWS Marketplace

This is My Architecture: Container and IaC security as a part of CI/CD pipelines for enabling DevSecOps

In this episode, Palo Alto Networks gives us a deep dive on the best practices for automating security across the entire container lifecycle and implementing frictionless security controls as part of your CI/CD pipelines. You will learn how to sequence vulnerabilities scans for ECS or EKS, starting from Base OS packages to the container Images, leveraging AWS Cloud9, AWS Code Pipeline, and Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks.

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Customer Stories

QlikTech Secures Container Development with AWS and Prisma Cloud

Qlik is a business intelligence company. They rely on AWS to keep pace with the speed of business and accelerate adoption of Kubernetes. When it comes to the shared responsibility model, customer data is the primary concern. 

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ProLogis Achieves 20/20 Cloud Vision with Palo Alto Networks

ProLogis, a global industrial real estate provider, needed a way to ensure their most critical systems were protected. Palo Alto Networks was the clear choice given the winning combination of cloud maturity, expertise, and commitment to security innovation. 

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3-GIS Enhances the Security of AWS Workloads with Palo Alto Networks

After switching to AWS to enable large deployments, 3-GIS needed a SecOps solution that would allow a single team member to manage compliance and monitoring. Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks helps them do just that.

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