AWS and Splunk

Accelerate your AWS journey with full-stack, real-time monitoring, and analytics driven observability.

AWS and Splunk

With data at the center of every business outcome, AWS and Splunk empower organizations to innovate with confidence, migrate and modernize existing environments, and scale without limits. Through innovative and collaborative offerings, AWS and Splunk empower DevOps teams to reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, enhance collaboration, and redirect critical resources to high value projects. Get insights into your AWS services, users, applications, and infrastructure with the help of the monitoring, troubleshooting, and response tools from Splunk’s suite of observability products, Splunk Observability Cloud.

Learn about Splunk's Observability benefits and the next steps in your cloud journey.

AWS and Splunk Observability Cloud: Full-stack Visibility

Gain real-time, full-fidelity visibility into your applications and AWS services to quickly increase developer productivity, better operational efficiency, and improve customer experiences.  


Gain real-time, full-fidelity visibility into your applications and AWS services to quickly increase developer productivity, better operational efficiency, and improve customer experiences.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Detect performance anomalies with real-time, high-resolution, and analytics-driven detection.

Application Performance Monitoring

Elevate application user experiences across your AWS services.

Incident Response

Remediate issues faster by routing and automating alerts to the right resources for faster collaboration and issue resolution.

Log Management and Analytics
Solve your toughest data challenges through powerful search, analytics, visualization, and mobile capabilities.

Getting the most out of Observability with Splunk

Simplify observability with all of your data automatically correlated in one place.

How Splunk delivers real-time visibility

Learn how Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring seamlessly works with AWS and provides out-of-the-box, high-resolution visibility for monitoring AWS and all your services in one place.

Best practices for container monitoring

Containers have become a popular infrastructure component for accelerating development, testing, and deployment. Learn about key considerations for monitoring container environments on AWS.

Monitoring microservices on Kubernetes

Monitoring is one of the top challenges for organizations adopting Kubernetes. Get insights into how to best monitor clusters and microservices deployed on Kubernetes to manage performance in real-time.

Predict and prevent outages

Every day, outages result in customer dissatisfaction and lost business. Discover how infrastructure monitoring ensures interconnected technologies function together without failure.

Observe modern cloud environments

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring visualizes and analyzes relevant performance metrics across infrastructure, services, and applications. Learn about key capabilities and benefits.

Monitor and troubleshoot with Splunk

Find out how Splunk's comprehensive solution brings data across all environments into a single view, allowing organizations to monitor and troubleshoot infrastructures and applications in real time.

Next Steps in Your Cloud Journey

Splunk operational visibility solutions on AWS

Leverage Splunk visibility with AWS agility to rapidly troubleshoot applications, ensure security and compliance, and monitor business-critical services in real-time. Learn more about Splunk solutions available in AWS Marketplace, including Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk Application Performance Monitoring (Splunk APM).

Monitor server, container, and application performance with Splunk

Watch how Splunk Infrastructure and Splunk APM can show you the health of your applications and infrastructure and quickly alert, identify, and troubleshoot issues.

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