AWS and Deloitte

AWS and Deloitte work together to empower organizations to transform their business, innovate faster, and grow ahead of the curve.

AWS and Deloitte empower customers to transform their business, innovate faster, and grow ahead of the curve by combining AWS’ industry-leading cloud technologies with Deloitte’s deep industry experience, established customer relationships, and position as advisor to the C-suite.

Deloitte is an AWS Partner and a strategic global systems integrator. Deloitte has thousands of certified AWS practitioners across the globe and continues to raise the bar through its participation in the AWS Competency Program with 13 competencies. As seen below, AWS and Deloitte focus areas include: SAP, life sciences, financial services, industrial software, and migration.


Deloitte’s Safe Passage program powered by AWS for SAP consists of a portfolio of services and solutions designed to help SAP-enabled companies evolve towards becoming a Kinetic Enterprise—always ready to respond amidst the rapid evolution of business, technology, industry, economic, and geopolitical environments. Customers who want to define their cloud strategy for SAP are faced with countless options and competing products.

Deloitte and AWS come together to help transform businesses to the cloud by providing a single source for all SAP transformation needs—from strategic design to seamless execution and ongoing operations in a secure, timely, and cost-effective manner.

How does Safe Passage work?

Move “any SAP” to cloud

  • Leverage the AWS and Deloitte SAP Migration Factory powered by Deloitte ATAData
  • Move SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Commerce Cloud, or any other SAP application to run on AWS
  • Build a business case for SAP »

Fast migration to SAP S/4HANA

Realize value for SAP innovation

Industry Focused Solutions

Deloitte’s Smart Factory Fabric powered by AWS

Smart Factory Fabric is a pre-configured suite of cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications designed to accelerate smart factory transformations for companies with manufacturing operations. Powered by AWS IoT, Deloitte designed and built a suite of cloud applications and integrated services to deliver smart factory capabilities to industrial enterprises. The Smart Factory Fabric helps companies improve their operational performance and reduce costs by increasing visibility, optimizing production, improving quality, and minimizing unplanned downtime associated with running a smart factory.

Download the brief »

Smart Factory Fabric: A cloud-enabled smart manufacturing solution (3:08)

Deloitte’s MyPath™ to Work: Workplace health risk management post–COVID-19

MyPath to Work is a comprehensive, modular technology solution that can empower organizations to manage new workplace health risks presented by COVID-19 to recover with resilience. With a combination of tightly-integrated Deloitte and third-party technology and services, MyPath to Work enables enhanced workplace safety protocols, visibility into risk factors, agile response to changing health conditions, and engagement and support for colleagues—all configured to specific organizational needs.

MyPath to Work: Workplace Health Risk Management Post-COVID-19 (4:35)

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