The AWS Direct Connect Program helps AWS Customers establish network connectivity between AWS Direct Connect locations and their datacenter, office, or colocation environment. Direct Connect Partners improve customer experiences by providing flexibility and choices on how to connect with AWS.

The program is designed for partners who provide network services to customers and are interested in connecting to AWS. Network Service Providers who are present at existing AWS Direct Connect locations, as well as support all connection offerings for AWS Direct Connect should apply.

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In addition to the benefits you receive as an APN partner, Direct Connect Partners may also qualify for the below program benefits:

Qualified partners receive interconnect ports at Direct Connect locations to provision for multiple customers. These ports allow partners to offer customer connections at speeds lower than 1G, in addition to reducing Direct Connect costs for customers and partner cost in connecting to customers.

Direct Connect partners receive access to a variety of AWS Direct Connect content and training to help them to support their customers and connectivity, including: Direct Connect Getting Started Guide, API Reference, and Partner Provisioning Guide.

Eligible partners receive marketing support to highlight their business with AWS, including: Placement in the AWS Partner Directory as a Direct Connect Partner, use of Direct Connect logo, participation at AWS-hosted events, access to online marketing resources, and more.

To get started in the Direct Connect Program, partners must register with the AWS Partner Network (APN). Follow the steps below to complete APN registration and receive access to the APN Portal:

  • Login to the APN Portal: Once registered, your firm will receive an email with your APN Portal login credentials and temporary password. Using those credentials, login to the APN Portal
  • Update Partner Scorecard: Track your firm’s AWS success (customer wins, training, etc.) via your Partner Scorecard in the APN Portal



If your firm is already a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), use the links below to access the APN Portal:

Have Additional Questions? Search the APN Knowledge Base

Partners interested in applying to the AWS Direct Connect program are encouraged to complete the below steps before submitting their program application:

  • Create AWS Direct Connect Product: Create your AWS Direct Connect product to support standard 1G and 10G customers, using the Getting Started Guide.

  • Sign up for AWS Support: AWS recommends that all partners have at least baseline technical support from AWS in order to serve their end customers on AWS. To select an AWS Support plan to best fit your firm’s needs, please review Support plans and pricing here.

  • Upgrade your APN Membership: Once your firm meets APN’s Standard tier requirements, apply to Upgrade to receive additional APN benefits. Partners interested in Upgrading their APN membership, can submit their application by following below steps:

Follow the steps below to submit your firm’s AWS Direct Connect application:

  • Update Partner Scorecard: Before submitting your Direct Connect application, please make sure your firm’s Partner Scorecard is up-to-date. To access your Partner Scorecard, log in to the APN Portal and click on “View Partner Scorecard” found in the left navigation.
  • Submit Direct Connect Application: Once your firm’s Partner Scorecard has been updated, please submit the Direct Connect application. After your application has been submitted, a member of the AWS Direct Connect Team will reach out with next steps.

If your firm has any questions regarding the program or application, please review the Direct Connect FAQs or APN Knowledge Base.