IBM and AWS collaborate in the best interests of customers on their cloud journey

IBM is an AWS Premier Partner offering consulting services and software solutions. IBM has assembled an ecosystem of highly experienced professionals dedicated to deploying customer solutions on AWS. IBM helps customers move existing workflows to the AWS Cloud, develop cloud-native apps, and optimize their existing AWS Cloud environment. IBM’s expertise in security, enterprise scalability, and open innovation with Red Hat OpenShift helps customers migrate quickly and seamlessly to the AWS Cloud. Coupled with deep consulting competencies, intelligent workflows, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation, it is the ideal partner for customers’ cloud transformation journey on AWS.

7,000+ active AWS Certifications
7,000+ active
AWS Certifications 
8,000 Cybersecurity
40+ years of SAP experience
10 AWS Competencies
5 years
AWS Partner

IBM Spotlight

Medical technology diagnostics concept.Medicine doctor and stethoscope working with Human lungs on a digital tabblet and Ui virtual screen for treatment.

Unlock your Data’s Full Potential with AI

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a unified data and AI platform, built on Red Hat OpenShift container technology, that simplifies how businesses collect, organize, and analyze data for AI on AWS. 

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Accelerate your AWS Cloud Journey with Security Confidence

Improve your ability to meet core security and compliance requirements with AWS' comprehensive services and features. Coupled with IBM security solutions and services, you can help accelerate your cloud journey with security confidence. 

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Medical technology diagnostics concept.Medicine doctor and stethoscope working with Human lungs on a digital tabblet and Ui virtual screen for treatment.

Digitally Transform your Contact Center

Today’s digitally connected consumers expect exceptional customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. AWS and IBM are working on emerging technology like AI and Amazon Connect to streamline and automate business processes. 
Medical technology diagnostics concept.Medicine doctor and stethoscope working with Human lungs on a digital tabblet and Ui virtual screen for treatment.

Extensive Experience and Emerging Technologies

Customers can realize the value of innovation at speed and scale by leveraging the deep experience of AWS and IBM to fuel their digital transformation—predictable, repeatable, and efficient results. 

Services and Offerings

  • SAP
  • Modernization
  • AWS Marketplace
  • SAP
  • Join 5,000+ customers who trust the experience, technology, and partner community of AWS to migrate, modernize, and transform their SAP landscapes. We can help you reimagine possible with SAP on AWS.


    Unlock Innovation with an SAP Migration

    Whether you choose to lift and shift to reduce costs, modernize business processes with native AWS services, or transform on S/4HANA, AWS and IBM can help you build a modern environment that’s primed for innovation and driving measurable business results.

    Top 10 Reasons to Move SAP to AWS with IBM

    Migrating SAP workloads to the cloud and selecting a provider are two of the most strategic decisions today’s IT leaders will make. Understand why more than 5,000 customers have chosen AWS to run their SAP landscapes, and use IBM services to help.

    IBM SAP Accelerated Move Center

    IBM Accelerated Move Center (IBM AMC) delivers simplified and proven technology that accelerates SAP migrations. IBM AMC is a next-generation factory migration solution designed to migrate legacy SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA on AWS and unlock advanced functionality for driving business innovation and growth.
  • Modernization
  • IBM Garage is an engagement model to co-create solutions with a multi-disciplinary IBM team using IBM technology on AWS. Enterprises gain the skills and knowledge they need to design, deploy, and manage innovative solutions, with accelerated time-to-value and reduced risk.


    Gain the Benefits of a Modern Database

    Data is central to business strategy today. Organizations know that data holds the keys to innovation, because of the critical nature of analyzing data to make better, more informed decisions across the business. AWS and IBM can help smooth the database modernization journey.

    Build Solutions on AWS at Startup Speeds

    From modernizing cloud capabilities to mitigating cost and risk, working with IBM Garage provides the expertise and best practices necessary for building innovative solutions on AWS Cloud. IBM Garage’s proven methodology can reduce solution design time by 75%.

    How Cloud Can Power Innovation in Energy and Utilities

    IBM and AWS can help IT leaders handle those unplanned electricity, natural gas, and water failures and continue to deliver reliable, safe, and uninterrupted service in an always-on world.
  • AWS Marketplace
  • AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS.


    IBM Cloud Pak for Data

    IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is a unified data and AI platform that runs on AWS. It delivers a data fabric to automatically break down data silos, improve data quality, and enhance data privacy and security. Build trustworthy AI to drive digital transformation.

    IBM Security Software Solutions

    Savvy companies know that in today's data-driven, highly distributed world, there are serious threats that must be addressed. IBM Security solutions delivers an integrated system of analytics, real-time defenses and proven experts, so you can make strategic decisions to safeguard your business.

    IBM Security Services

    IBM Security Services delivers market leading security consulting and systems integration services, offensive security, incident response, cloud strategy, and managed security services to help organizations transform and deliver enterprise security operations. 

    IBM Storage

    IBM® Storage designs, develops, and markets advanced software-defined all-flash, hybrid flash, and tape storage systems to a global audience. IBM Storage simplifies data infrastructure for organizations embracing digital transformation.

Hear What Customers are Saying about AWS and IBM


Finnair achieved substantial cost savings by exiting two data centers and migrating 70 applications previously on approximately 400 servers onto AWS. 

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With IBM Services, Galp built an integrated platform for energy innovation with SAP S/4HANA on AWS Cloud.

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Thomson Reuters

Partnering with IBM, Thomson Reuters developed common services for its cloud transformation on AWS to increase developer productivity and lower operational costs.

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ABM Investama

ABM Investama used data analytics to respond to volatile energy markets and drive efficiency, with IBM Services for SAP on AWS, delivering crucial insights 90 percent faster.

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