APN Spotlight: Startup Partners

Learn how startups are working with the APN to build innovative solutions for AWS customers.

How Startups Succeed with the APN

APN Startup Partner, IOPipe (Lambda-monitoring)

The AWS Partner Network (APN) helps tens of thousands of startups launch and scale their business on AWS. We have programs for early-stage startups like the AWS Activate Program, to programs for late-stage startups like the APN Global Startup Program to support all types and sizes of startups from across the globe.

The APN Partners below are part of the APN Global Startup Program, comprised of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). This program equips global startups and empower them with the resources they need to grow their cloud-based businesses at the speed they need.


APN Startup Partner Stories

Customer Success Stories from APN Global Startups

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Meet Some of Our APN Startup Partners

APN Cloud Workload Startup Partner, Spotinst
APN Financial Services Startup Partner, Xignite
APN Analytics Startup Partner, Machine Metrics
APN Data Analytics Startup Partner, Sisense
APN Startup Partner, IOPipe (Lambda-monitoring)
ASEAN Technology Partner of the Year, Mobilewalla
APN Digital Healthcare Startup Partner, Ambra Health
APN Media Startup Partner, Cloudinary
APN Startup Partner, CloudBolt

APN Startup Partner Blog Posts


GoDaddy and AWS have teamed up for a joint development effort that combines the ease of Serverless Framework with the provisioning speed and security of AWS Service Catalog.


How to use APN Partner WhiteSource into your CodeBuild pipeline to fuse open source security into existing build processes, maintaining the same speed or agility.


Given that the gains from onshore oil drilling are beginning to flatten, the oil and gas industry needs to dive into another deep engineering phase to once again increase efficiency: AI.


Keeping availability high by over-provisioning is easy, but it’s also very expensive. Spotinst helps companies automate cloud management and save on their computing costs by leveraging Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

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