Eudata Helps Generali Welion Cut Contact Center Call Duration up to 13% Using AWS

Executive Summary

Generali Welion, an Italian health insurance firm, used AWS to transform its contact center agent system. Working with AWS Partner Eudata, Generali Welion reduced total call durations by 13 percent, leading to lower costs and improved customer service. The new solution uses Amazon Connect to bring together multiple tools and systems into one intuitive interface.

Rising Number of Insurance Policyholders Needing Prompt Service

It’s vital that the policyholders of Italian health insurance firm Generali Welion—part of the Generali Group, one of Italy’s largest insurance companies—can pick up the phone or log in online and get prompt service. In 2022, the company served more than 700,000 people, with that number set to rise to 1 million in 2023.

However, the legacy hardware running its contact center systems meant Generali Welion was struggling to manage calls from customers, legal firms, medical contacts, and other partners that it communicates with every day. So it turned to AWS Partner Eudata to design and build a cloud-based contact center on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Today, the company’s call center system lets agents handle inquiries quickly and easily across all contact channels, helping them provide a faster, customer-focused service. Call duration has been reduced by 13 percent as a result.


We have a great collaborative relationship with Eudata—they can manage agile projects and help us make the switch to an agile methodology ourselves. We don’t have the expertise to do this kind of project, but Eudata does.”

Sperantini Gianluca
Head of Operations and Claims, Generali Welion

Legacy Hardware Struggled to Manage 700,000 Calls a Year

Generali’s contact center is staffed by around 100 agents. The center receives around 700,000 calls every year and processes over 1.1 million claims. Telephone interactions make up 90 percent of all contacts, with the remaining 10 percent made online.

The call center is a vital touch point, helping customers start their healthcare claims and get referred to medical facilities. “It’s often the first point of contact for our policyholders once they have a claim,” says Sperantini Gianluca, head of operations and claims at Generali Welion.

Contact agents used a variety of tools to handle tasks, ranging from reimbursement to managing authorizations for prescriptions. This often meant calls took longer than needed, reducing the contact center’s overall capacity to deal with incoming calls. “Our agents had to jump between as many as 10 different screens for a single phone call,” says Gianluca. “This was extending call durations and leading to customer frustration. Sometimes, customers had to repeat their personal details. We needed one cohesive system to help solve these challenges.”

The existing contact center tools relied on legacy on-premises hardware, making them costly to maintain and difficult to adapt or change. For example, agents found it difficult to transfer or reroute calls. It was also complicated to change pre-recorded messages and route instructions for customers.

In addition, there was no integration with digital contact channels such as web chat or social media. These had grown in popularity as a contact channel for customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working on the line

Omnichannel Solution Built on Amazon Connect Delivers a Better Service

Generali Welion turned to Eudata to design and build a cloud-based contact center using AWS. The new system is based on Eudata’s Next2Connect, an agent desktop designed exclusively for Amazon Connect. It replaces Generali Welion’s original on-premises system and delivers a faster, smoother experience for contact agents and customers.

Contact center agents now have a single screen for everything they need. The technical work behind the scenes, carried out by Eudata, made it possible to consolidate the existing sprawl of backend systems into one and add reporting and supervisor widgets, all using AWS APIs. This helps contact center agents save time. More importantly, it saves callers time, helping them connect with agents faster and spend less time on hold. The new system can recognize customers by their phone number, and offers a callback service so they don’t have to wait for an available agent.

Contact center managers can make technical changes, such as adding new service telephone numbers and changing pre-recorded messages using text-to-speech technology. Overall, it’s easier to serve customers. The system is a vital part of upholding the contract with the customer.

The Generali Welion project is one part of a three-part cloud program for the wider Generali Group, all using AWS and Eudata. “We choose to work with Eudata because they are AWS experts,” says Gianluca. “We have a great collaborative relationship with Eudata— hey can manage agile projects and help us make the switch to an agile methodology ourselves. We don’t have the expertise to do this kind of project, but Eudata does.”


The new AWS system has allowed us to reduce call durations by 13% and greatly improve the customer experience.”

Sperantini Gianluca
Head of Operations and Claims, Generali Welion

AWS Supports Home Working and Omnichannel Communication

The cloud-based agent desktop system was developed over 9 months and completed in late 2019. After the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020, Generali Welion’s contact center agents switched to home working in just 1–2 weeks. This would have been impossible with the previous system. Generali Welion’s contact center has now embraced hybrid working—employees now work 4 days a week at home and 1 day in the office.

The new system allows contact agents to manage telephone and digital channels from one interface. Generali Welion can provide a complete service to customers by telephone and from a messaging app, including WhatsApp or webchat.

The platform also includes a video chat feature that will help Generali’s doctors speak remotely with policyholders to assess claims. “With Amazon Connect, Generali Welion now has a fully integrated front end to help its contact agents deliver an even better service,” says Sandro Parisi, chief executive officer at Eudata. “The system is straightforward to use, taking advantage of single-sign-on technology and an intuitive user interface. Because it is widget-oriented, we can speed up common integrations like CRM, ERP, and backend integrations. This makes Generali Welion even more agile and responsive.”

Since the new system launched, Generali Welion has seen a measurable impact on its customer experience. “The new AWS system, designed and built by Eudata, has allowed us to reduce call durations and greatly improve the customer experience,” says Gianluca. “It is one of several contributing factors that have helped us reduce costs and increase our Net Promoter Score—a clear sign that the customer experience is improving.”

Generali Welion

About Generali Welion

Generali Welion is part of the Generali Group, one of Italy’s largest insurance companies. Generali Welion delivers health and welfare insurance services to more than 700,000 customers.

AWS Services Used


  • Reduced call durations by 13%
  • Improved customer service with shorter waiting times and faster agent connection
  • Enabled hybrid working through greater speed and flexibility
  • Integrated multiple systems and enabled web-based communication with customers
  • Added omnichannel capabilities spanning voice, chat, social, and video

About the AWS Partner Eudata

Eudata is a global provider of customer experience services for mid and large enterprises, specialized on Amazon Connect. Eudata and its France-based subsidiary Ynpact, are focused on creating innovative CX services balancing human and AI to ensure both service automation and quality. Eudata is also an AWS solution vendor focused on Agent Desktop (Next 2 Connect), Outbound Campaign Manager (Comet), BOT, and digital channels (Convy.AI).

Published April 2023