AWS Partner Network TV (APN TV) is a collection of videos from AWS and AWS Partners building new and innovative solutions on AWS.

Augmenting Native AWS Security Controls

Appropriate use of native security controls in the AWS Cloud is essential to managing risk and incorporating security best practices into your cloud use case. In this session, learn how and when to augment these tools for security and compliance.

Rethink Data Protection for Hybrid and Cloud Deployments

As the benefits of the cloud continue to grow, most organizations are migrating away from onsite data centers and embracing a cloud-first strategy. Organizations with traditional hybrid workloads like VMware, SQL, and Oracle and native cloud workloads like Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS need a predictable and efficient way to scale data protection services up and down as workloads evolve.

Build Cloud-ready Apps Faster with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

As more organizations are looking to migrate to the cloud, Red Hat OpenShift Service offers a proven, reliable, and consistent platform across the hybrid cloud. Red Hat and AWS recently announced a fully managed joint service that can be deployed directly from the AWS Management Console and can integrate with other AWS Cloud-native services.

5 Best Practices for Migrating Large Analytics Systems to AWS

Join this session with industry analyst William McKnight and Teradata to learn five best practices for migrating mission-critical analytics systems to AWS. Understand how enterprise workloads are moved from on-premises with low risk and zero code changes.

Your Fastest Path from Idea to Impact

As the #1 CRM and the most broadly adopted cloud platform, respectively, Salesforce and AWS offer cloud services with strategic integrations based on a foundation of security and simplicity. In this session, explore how Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect is transforming customer service, and learn how you can use Private Connect and Amazon AppFlow to securely share data between Salesforce and AWS.

The Next Smart

If you want to be successful in today’s complex IT environment, and remain that way tomorrow and into the future, teaming up with an AWS Competency Partner is The Next Smart.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer videos features a success story between an AWS customer and an APN Partner. Watch to learn how the APN can help you solve challenges and scale your business.

This is My Architecture

This Is My Architecture features AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners and customers demonstrating innovative cloud architectures and solution used to solve real-world problems.

Recently added videos

Building More Reliable Systems Using Gremlin’s Chaos Engineering Platform

Chaos Engineering is a disciplined approach that identifies potential failures before they become outages. Learn how you can proactively test for failures and build more reliable systems by using Gremlin's enterprise Chaos Engineering platform.

AppSec Observability Provides Continuous Protection for Applications on AWS

Watch a step-by-step demo of how developers can reduce false positives, manual processes, and security roadblocks by embedding security directly into software through instrumentation.

Enabling Secure DevOps for AWS Container Services

Sysdig demonstrates the essential DevOps workflows for securing and monitoring cloud-native applications running on AWS container services. Automating image scanning, runtime security & compliance, Kubernetes & container monitoring, and application & cloud service monitoring helps you ship cloud apps faster on Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, and AWS Fargate.

Innovation in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry

From AI/ML-powered drug discovery and manufacturing to digital therapeutics and connected medical devices, HCLS organizations have leveraged the AWS Cloud to stay competitive. In this webinar, learn about how your HCLS organization can gain advantages from the AWS cloud and cutting-edge technologies.

F5 Application Services on AWS: An Overview

Whether you’re tasked with migrating existing workloads to the cloud or building new cloud-native apps, F5’s advanced suite of application services ensures your entire AWS app portfolio is always secure, performant, and readily available. Find out how to take your apps from code to customer within a single, easily manageable solution set.
AWS Partner Network TV (APN TV) is a collection of videos from AWS and APN Partners building new and innovative solutions on AWS.