AWS Partner Network TV (APN TV) is a collection of videos from AWS and APN Partners building new and innovative solutions on AWS.

John Hancock Integrates Amazon Connect with Salesforce

John Hancock's AVP of Client Services, Tracy Kelly, discusses how their integration of Amazon Connect and Salesforce modernized their call centers to provide call center representatives with the data they need right when they need it

Cherwell Elevates Customer Experience with 2nd Watch

Michael Euperio, Director of Technology Alliances at Cherwell, explains how 2nd Watch helped them quickly onboard management of their cloud infrastructure to AWS Managed Services (AMS).

Securing Container-Based Applications

Join Shiri Ivtsan, Product Manager at WhiteSource, and Carmen Puccio, Solutions Architect at AWS, as they discuss how to effectively manage and deploy your container images, among other relevant topics.

Global Footwear and Apparel Giant Migrates SAP to AWS

Hear from AWS customer K-Swiss and APN Partner Protera Technologies as they share how the global footwear and apparel giant achieved improved security and availability, and reduced costs by transforming their SAP on AWS.

Virtusa's Amazon Redshift Experience

Kumar Ramamurthy, Head of Cloud Transformation for Virtusa’s North American clients, explains the approach Virtusa takes to move Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) workloads onto Amazon Redshift.

AWS Partner Webinars

AWS Partner Webinars feature live demonstrations, customer use cases, and real-time Q&A sessions with AWS experts and select AWS Partner Network (APN) Competency Partners.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer videos features a success story between an AWS customer and an APN Partner. Watch to learn how the APN can help you solve challenges and scale your business.

This is My Architecture

This Is My Architecture features AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners and customers demonstrating innovative cloud architectures and solution used to solve real-world problems.

Recently added videos

Re-imagining Enterprise Communication with Exotel and AWS

Exotel is a cloud telephony platform. Learn how they virtualize the communication needs of customers via APIs and the web browser.

AWS Education Competency Partners Help with AI & ML

Hear from our AWS Education Competency partners about the challenges they’re helping institutions address with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cloud Conformity: Serverless at Scale

Cloud Conformity is a serverless-first company running over 2000 Lambdas and deliver over 200 million well-architected framework checks a day. Take a closer look at their cloud architecture model!

Cox Automotive Shifts Gears, Drives Insights with Splunk

Jason Cornell walks you through the ease of deploying Splunk, ingesting AWS services, and identifying security breaches before they happen.

Next Generation Intelligent Data Lakes, Powered by GraphQL

Candid Partners shares how it uses AWS AppSync in its Data Fabric solution to simplify large-scale data management using a GraphQL API to interact with data lakes.
AWS Partner Network TV (APN TV) is a collection of videos from AWS and APN Partners building new and innovative solutions on AWS.