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Wipro ignites your move to AWS with innovative solutions to accelerate your business

Wipro Cloud Services for AWS combine cloud solutions with a high-touch, business-first approach to help you to accelerate your cloud transformation. Wipro is a Premier Consulting Partner of AWS, with extensive AWS experience, numerous certifications, awards, and stellar customer engagements.

Together with AWS, Wipro helps enterprise organizations thrive by solving complex business challenges with cloud-led, sustainable solutions designed and tailored to customer's unique needs.

Transitioning to the cloud enables business agility, improves operational efficiency, and opens new opportunities for innovation and growth. With extensive AWS domain and technology expertise, you can be confident that Wipro's team of cloud professionals will help you accelerate your journey and find success in the cloud.

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Partner Spotlight

Medical technology diagnostics concept.Medicine doctor and stethoscope working with Human lungs on a digital tabblet and Ui virtual screen for treatment.

System integration capabilties on AWS PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021

The Everest Group assessed the capabilities of 27 system integrators on AWS PEAK Matrix® and offered research-based insights into several critical dimensions: market adoption, portfolio mix, value delivered, vision and strategy, the scope of services offered vision, innovation, investments, and delivery footprint.

Enable customer journeys to the AWS Cloud through Launch Pad

Wipro helps organizations envision the future and create transformational solutions. Wipro’s AWS Launch Pads at Kodathi (Bengaluru), Sydney, and São Paulo empower them in this endeavor.
Cloud data storage concept. Human hand using laptop with virtual popup icon of cloud computing, wifi, money, data and lock security Communication of business and financial.

Fullstride Cloud Services: Cloud Transformation, the easy way

Wipro FullStride Cloud Services combine industry-leading cloud solutions with a high-touch, business-first approach to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.
Medical technology diagnostics concept.Medicine doctor and stethoscope working with Human lungs on a digital tabblet and Ui virtual screen for treatment.

IDC Customer Spotlight: Mitie looks to Real-Time Insights as a service

Mitie and Wipro’s AI solutions group partnered to create a solution that reveals transactional anomalies within the accounts payable process, using a machine learning for accounts payable auditor (AP Auditor), a system based on the anomaly detection solution of Wipro Holmes, an AI-based platform hosted on AWS.

Services and Offerings

  • Industry Solutions
  • Wipro helps enterprises lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster on AWS.  Functionality, community, security, and innovation are some of the core advantages of working with Wipro.

    Solutions for Manufacturing

    Wipro offers its own specialized platforms, along with AWS tools and partner solutions, to help manufacturers achieve digital transformation quickly and seamlessly.

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    Solutions for Financial Services

    Wipro helps customers transform their businesses and produce improvements in efficiency, worker effort, and cost savings for banks, insurers, and other financial professionals.

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    Solutions for Healthcare

    Wipro helps health providers coordinate care teams, increase patient engagement, improve internal processes, and provide solutions for critical functions along the pharmacy value chain.

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  • Migration and Application Modernization
  • Wipro is a one-stop shop to help you achieve seamless, efficient, and cost-effective end-to-end cloud migration.  

    Wipro - AWS Data Center (DC) Exit

    DC Exit Program is a cost-neutral, end-to-end proven approach for migrating workloads to AWS, can help organizations realize business benefits faster.

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    Cloud Migration Journey on AWS

    Cloud migration has multiple phases and has to be planned and performed carefully for it to deliver the value that is expected out of it.

    Synergy of Smart Applications

    Wipro’s smart applications and AWS’s differentiated set of services are coming together to build a strong enterprise application foundation.

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    Transforming Customer Experience through Modernization

    Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, a Wipro customer, chose AWS as the cloud platform for its digital transformation due to its extensive cloud services portfolio, scalability, integrated DevSecOps approach.

    Wipro Cloud Data Warehouse Readiness

    Using cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics, and other emerging technologies, Wipro helps clients adapt to the digital world.
  • Data, Analytics, and AI
  • Wipro’s AI offering help unlock true enterprise intelligence by transforming your data landscape using database and data warehouse built for cloud scale by Wipro and AWS.  

    Data Discovery Platform on AWS

    Wipro offer Data Discovery Platform (DDP) on AWS solution which encompasses the entire lifecycle of data science activities, from data ingestion to insight with the benefits of scalability and cost efficiency.

    Data Platform Modernization

    The Wipro Connected Insights solution is a SaaS-based device-neutral platform that connects the complete ecosystem of OEMs, consumers, dealers, and insurers.

    Serverless Data Lake on AWS

    Wipro Nuage is a smart orchestrator powered by AI/ML that accelerates silicon design through the prediction and optimization of resources using AWS cloud-native services.
  • Manged Security Services
  • AWS Managed Security Services provides security protection and monitoring of essential AWS environment assets delivered as a 24/7 fully managed service through Wipro’s AWS security experts.

    Wipro Cloud Application Risk Governance

    To manage complexities across the various phases of an enterprise’s cloud journey, Wipro has developed a solution called Cloud Application Risk Governance.

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    Vulnerability Management as a Service

    Vulnerability Management as a Service offering, which offers automated and consitent vulnerability identification for AWS.

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    Threat Detection and Response Services

    Attain industry benchmark maturity on threat detection through correlation and contextualized threat intelligence.

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    Wipro Cloud Application Risk Governance

    Govern your business applications before, during and after cloud migration with a structured risk-based security approach.

    Customer Success Story with a Telco Customer

    Leveraging AWS cloud, the global telecom operator entered the US geography for the first time and securely went live within nine months.

    Customer Success Story with a Government Agency

    Wipro enabled the road and public infrastructure safety agency’s digital transformation journey through an end-to-end AWS security strategy and an architecture design for hosting modernized business applications.

Hear What Customers are Saying about AWS and Wipro

Top down aerial view of a traffic roundabout on a main road in an urban area of the UK

Mahindra First Choice Wheels

Dr Nagendra Palle, CEO & MD, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd speaks about Wipro AutoInsights Connected Car Platform.

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High voltage post or High voltage tower

Schneider Electric

Wipro helped Schneider Electric move their SAP systems to AWS Cloud by leveraging Wipro’s “Safe Passage to Cloud” framework.

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Serious african american student in headphones studying foreign language online

PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency)

PHEAA chose AWS as the cloud platform for its digital transformation due to its extensive cloud services portfolio, scalability, integrated DevSecOps approach, and secured infrastructure.

Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)

Wipro’s Co-track solution on AWS was chosen by GTAA to the customer to monitor social distance monitoring and contact tracing.

Digital Visual Inspection and Asset Integrity Management with Wipro’s InspectAI

Asset integrity management is a key activity for energy companies. It ensures safe operations, avoids unplanned downtime, and prevents incidents.

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Mitie looks to Insights as a Service after success with AI-Enabled Detection

Customer Spotlight

Mitie and Wipro’s AI solutions group partnered to create a solution that would reveal transactional anomalies within the Accounts Payable process, using a Machine Learning for Accounts Payable Auditor.

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Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution for COVID-19

Wipro’s solution ensures social distancing and contact tracing of workers, office staff, visitors, and customers. It also provides 15-minute cumulative social distancing breach information and messages.

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Wipro and AWS Launch Pad: Experience Innovation in Action

This immersive enviornment  will jointly deliver enterprise-scale migrations at this multidisciplinary co-innovation center where specialized teams will craft innovative solutions leveraging AWS offerings.

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