Financial Services


Founded in June of 2012, Coinbase has built the world's leading compliant cryptocurrency platform serving over 30 million accounts in over 100 countries. With the success of our flagship product, Coinbase Consumer, and our vocal advocacy for blockchain technology, we have played a major part in mainstream awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency.

“At Coinbase, security, scale, and flexibility are paramount to our customer engagement When there are changes to currency trends, our customers need to know immediately and in the channel they prefer. Using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), we are able to react quickly and securely. We evaluated all other options and AWS was the only solution we could trust. By using Amazon Pinpoint we are able to send push notifications whenever there is a movement in price or a price hits a certain threshold. We send millions of push notifications a week, up to 8M in 60 minutes. With Amazon SES we can send millions of emails a day to keep our customers informed and happy. Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SES are the most secure, scalable, and flexible marketing communications services, and we rely on them to engage our customers.”

Goutham Buchi, Growth Engineering - Coinbase



Zerodha is an Indian financial services company that offers brokering servicess forvarious financial instruments including equities, mutual funds, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

“At Zerodha, consistent and timely customer communication is essential to maintain consumer trust. Zerodha leverages Amazon Pinpoint service to communicate via SMS with over 6.5M customers, primarily for use cases revolving around identity validation and regulatory compliance. Zerodha trusts Amazon Pinpoint for its simplicity, security, scalability, and reliability."

Vinay Kumar, C, AVP Technology, Zerodha  


Public Sector

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is the backbone of British Columbia's healthcare system, ensuring that 5 million residents have access to a network of specialized healthcare services and programs. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, PHSA provided COVID-19 test results and vaccination booking.

"Using Amazon Pinpoint, PHSA delivered millions of text messages and emails confirming registrations, booking notifications, and vaccine appointment reminders to British Columbians. AWS enabled us to scale up our communications quickly. We see the value in using the latest technology to serve our citizens, and this new AWS Region in western Canada will help us and many other organizations unlock innovation."

Shannon Malovec, Chief Digital Innovation Officer at PHSA.

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Met Office

Met Office

The Met Office is the national meteorological service for the United Kingdom, providing weather and climate information to the public and across industries, from aviation to marine to energy.

"Users that have downloaded our app receive notifications on severe weather warnings and pollen counts. Moving our communications to Amazon Pinpoint in order to send push notifications faster and more reliably has helped us successfully manage an event generating over 2 million notifications. As a result, we feel better prepared to respond to future challenges. We’re better able to deliver the notifications to our users to keep them aware and informed, taking advantage of the vertical integration with the remainder of our AWS environment. With Amazon Pinpoint, we can now focus on building increasingly more dynamic updates with more relevant information to help our users stay safe and thrive."

Jake Hendy, Technical Lead - Met Office


Valant Medical Solutions

Valant Medical Solutions, Inc. provides electronic health record software to behavioral health providers and practices. 

"By using AWS Communication Developer Services, we’ve given tools to providers that help them communicate more easily and stay in touch more frequently with patients in the channel of their choice. Our goal was to improve patient engagement, and we’ve done that.”

James Jay, Chief Technology Officer at Valant Medical Solutions

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Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare’s mission is to accelerate the transformation of the US healthcare system and help payers, providers, and consumers improve clinical and financial outcomes.

"At the beginning of 2020, patients did not want to visit a hospital, not even for regular lab tests. Patients wanted to interact with healthcare providers through digital means. However, these solutions were not complete, and patients often did not have timely notifications, which impacted communications. Other vendors required complex setup, but Amazon Pinpoint was the simplest solution to implement. We were able to roll out an enterprise-grade system very quickly on AWS."

Manoj Yadav, Product Manager at Change Healthcare

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Southern Illinois Healthcare

Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) uses Pinpoint to survey its employees yearly to assess employee satisfaction.

"We love the ability to set up the campaigns to send the SMS texts automatically on a specific day and time. Our employees now know that their voices are being heard. I see this as a huge win for empowering our employees and keeping them at the center of our focus for a healthy workplace."

David Hakanson Chief Information Officer, Southern Illinois Healthcare

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Care Connectors

Care Connectors

Care Connectors is a leading National Healthcare Service Organization that helps solve diverse and challenging needs for members, providers, medical groups and Health Plans across the Nation.

“At Care Connectors Medical Group, we needed to ensure that our customers receive the most relevant and reliable information at the right time. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we needed a faster way to identify, segment and communicate to patients on the status of their appointments. TensorIoT helped us create custom SMS chatbots to streamline our appointment reminder system using Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon Connect, and Amazon Lex. Our patients can now have intelligent conversations with an SMS chatbot instead of an agent, saving time for both the patient and our team. In addition, TensorIoT helped us build an application that identifies opt outs and contact preferences, helping us with list management for customer communication.”

Nilay Shah, CEO - Care Connectors Medical Group



Birdi is a new digital pharmacy that makes prescription home delivery faster, easier, and more affordable. Birdi provides a next generation customer experience to consumers and employer groups combining advanced innovative technologies with professional pharmacists.

"The launch of our revamped online operation required an entirely new customer engagement strategy, and we needed a digital platform capable of executing omnichannel communications. We ultimately chose Amazon Pinpoint because it allowed us to engage with customers through multiple channels (e.g., email, SMS, voice, push notification) with a high delivery rate, and it could scale as our customer base grows. Amazon Pinpoint allowed us to focus on the core set of functionality that we needed with integrated builds, as opposed to navigating multiple tools while dealing with multiple contracts, different technologies, and integration difficulties, making it more flexible and easier to use in the long term."

John Celona, General Manager, Digital Operations, Birdi



Aegon Life

Aegon Life Insurance Company is a life insurance company founded in 2008 with headquarters in Mumbai, India, offering individual and group insurance online and offline to its

"Aegon Life places a high value on customer satisfaction. We want to deliver the finest engagement experience to our customers whenever we engage them, whether it's for customer service or marketing. We use Amazon Pinpoint to send transactional communications, customer service communications for our insurance products, and personalised marketing campaigns such as offers and newsletters to our customers in order to boost our relationship. Amazon Pinpoint's customizability and easy integration with other AWS services appeals to us."

Sumana Ghosh, Senior Vice President and Head of Technology, Aegonlife




EDF UK is Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity, supplies gas and electricity to homes and businesses across the UK. With a strategic goal of moving to a net zero future, IT modernization is a top priority.

"Amazon Pinpoint helps our internal teams to build a responsive, agile SMS service meeting our customers needs; delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time. AWS supported us in our implementation, every step of the way."

Mark Askew, Head of Solutions and Architecture - EDF

Media & Entertainment

Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) logo

Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL)

The Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) is responsible for organizing and marketing German professional football, above all the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. The DFL manages the Official Bundesliga App, a mobile source for league news, match information, and player stats.

“Amazon Pinpoint was different because we could segment, or smart group, fans based on complex tags, like the teams they follow, the matches they are watching, or their favorite players. Through these segments, we’re able to send our fans exactly the notifications they want with incredibly low latency. For example, when a team scores, a fan gets an almost instantaneous notification of that point. Speed is important because faster goal notifications mean our fans are able to cheer for their teams first, which increases satisfaction and keeps fans engaged. Plus, with Pinpoint we were able to do it all at a lower overall cost.”

Christian Bonzelet, Solution Architect – DFL Bundesliga

Green man gaming

Green Man Gaming is an eCommerce store and community platform offering millions of gamers a single destination for finding digital games at the best prices. 

“Amazon Pinpoint has been integral to improving the efficiency of our marketing communication strategy. As a business with customers in over 195 countries, it is crucial that we localize our content. With Pinpoint, we have been able to localize email content across 18 currencies and 10 languages, cutting down on the time needed to set up campaigns and ensuring regional pricing in emails is correct. Since Pinpoint can also communicate with our backend, content & commerce systems, we've been able to build bespoke processes that interface with our other tools in harmony, enabling a robust campaign creation pipeline.”

Jack McGuire, Lead Project Engineer – Green Man Gaming



Gametime is a ticket reseller that provides a last-minute marketplace for people to purchase tickets to sporting events, concerts, music, comedy, and theater.

“We use Amazon Pinpoint to quickly notify fans using push notifications about upcoming events, deals, price drops, and promotions. Amazon Pinpoint enables us to scale to deliver messages during peak times of year, like opening day, and it includes features for segmentation, defining holdout groups, and AB test treatments. Using Amazon Pinpoint and our Amazon Redshift data warehouse, we have launched 50% more campaigns, doubled the number of users we send to, and have seen a 20% increase in conversions as a result of targeting based off of much richer datasets. We evaluated other solutions in the market but integration with other AWS services is what our marketing and development teams preferred and the price was far less than other options.”

Tammy Gu, Sr. Growth Associate - Gametime

Space Ape Games

Space Ape Games

Space Ape Games is a mobile game developer. Since its worldwide release in August 2021, Space Ape Games’ Beatstar has reached No. 1 on the overall charts in 24 countries, the top 10 in 70, and has become the top-grossing music game globally.

“We were looking for a tool that provided a single point of integration to make messaging more efficient and seamless between ourselves and Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS notification services. AWS Pinpoint gives us a single integration point for both Android and iOS and has reduced the friction for sending messages. Now, sending messages is faster and needs fewer people involved. By building with Amazon Pinpoint, we’ve been able to increase the number of push campaigns sent using fewer resources.”

Nathan McLean, DevOps Engineer - Space Ape Games

Retail & CPG



At Traeger, our mission is to bring people together to create a more flavorful world. Since our humble start in Oregon in the 1990's, Traeger Wood Pellet Grills have been the outdoor cooking choice of food enthusiasts. For years, the grills were offered in limited quantities and geographic areas. However, as people began to taste the food cooked on a Traeger, word spread about the unique flavors only Traeger natural wood pellets can provide.

“When we decided to move to Amazon Connect for our hundreds of agents and tens of thousands of monthly customer contacts, we needed a way to segment experiences for customers all over the world. We wanted to provide Canadian customers with English and French support options. We didn’t want a complex series of toll-free numbers or unnecessary IVR options where customers select their country. We wanted a simple and elegant solution. Amazon Pinpoint was the answer. Using the Amazon Pinpoint voice APIs, we’re able to provide a unique experience based on the country origin of each call in a way that was completely transparent to customers and agents. It works absolutely flawlessly. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll begin using Amazon Pinpoint to extend the capabilities of our customer-facing knowledge base. Amazon Connect, AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex and Amazon Pinpoint will power automated SMS messages that contain articles that help drive self-service, improve customer satisfaction and optimize agent utilization. Amazon Connect and Amazon Pinpoint allow us to do things we would not have even thought of just a few years ago. As a result, our customers can spend less time on the phone and more time in the backyard with family and friends.”

Bryan Teggart, Head of Customer Experience Operations & Analytics - Traeger Pellet Grills


HealthKart is India's largest omnichannel platform for selling health supplements and sports nutrition. It is a one-stop-shop for all your nutrition and fitness needs.

"HealthKart has 93 stores in 37 cities across India, along with a strong presence in online business. In both our web and mobile applications, we needed to be able to measure activities from browsing to purchase. Analytics help us learn from our customers, improve, and provide the best in-product experience. There are plenty of web and mobile analytics solutions in the market. However, only Amazon Pinpoint was able to bring analytics, marketing automation, and marketing communication together into a single service. We capture end-customer events from our applications in Amazon Pinpoint and use those individual actions to create segments for outbound communication, like push notifications or SMS. For example, we notify a customer when they have a product in their cart but leave before checking out. Amazon Pinpoint enables us to create end-to-end personalized experiences for our customers, and it is also affordable. Where other solutions required upfront investments of thousands of dollars, Amazon Pinpoint only charged us for what we used."

Ajay Tiwari, Head of Technology - HealthKart is an online snack retailer delivering a personalized healthy snacks based in Japan. By combining leading-edge technology and product innovation, we provide new experiences through healthy snacks.

“At our goal is to build a community around our service and provide our customers with custom tailored snacks to improve their healthy eating experience. Before using Amazon Pinpoint we were using our own in-house developed system to send push notifications, however the data sets were unorganized and inaccurate. With an audience of roughly 50,000 customers per month, we were looking to redefine how we could efficiently send push notifications. We switched to Amazon Pinpoint so that we can optimize how we target our notifications to customers through LINE message and email. We started to deliver notifications with more information on customers snacks such as (sales, new products etc.?) to the appropriate audience. After migrating to Amazon Pinpoint, we seen a 4 hour reduction in daily operation routines and three times the sales revenue per day.”

Hayato Miyoshi, CTO -

Software & Technology



Desygner offers multiple graphic design apps for consumers, in addition to web-based tools for customers who prefer to design from their computers. Desygner has 20 million users in 180 countries, a mix of B2C independent users and enterprise clients such as Keller Williams Realty, Redfin, Amazon, and Techstars.

"At Desygner, we previously used third-party services for customer onboarding emails which proved: unreliable, offered little visibility into open rates, and often failed at high volume. Amazon Pinpoint provided the deliverability success rates and analytics we needed for our email sends. We leveraged segmentation and journey tools to build a customized experience for new customers that welcomes them to our service. Data security is also important for us, so the option to keep our customer data securely within AWS was a major benefit. Just 6 months after starting to use Amazon Pinpoint we have increased our user retention rates by 2X, and improved email open rates by 10x — from 3% to 30%."

Mariana Aguiar, Founder and Chief Product Officer - Desygner

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Dynata is the world’s largest first-party data platform, gathering insights, activation, and measurement from real people.

"Because people are seeing our emails more through Amazon Pinpoint, this helped us increase our number of completed surveys. It also helped us increase our email click rates from around 1 percent to around 3.7 percent. That will ultimately help us increase revenue."

Aleister Cachón Guillén, Director of Software Engineering - Dynata



DUNED offers an integrated Customer Engagement management service for its clients. DUNED supports companies in their growth by leveraging their data to create customer journeys, taking into account all physical and digital touch points.

"Our core business is about data lakes, customer engagement and marketing automation. Our ecommerce customers were only seeing 25-30% engagement through traditional channels like email. We wanted to explore WhatsApp as an additional touch point. We decided to use Amazon Pinpoint because it supported custom channel integration to the WhatsApp API through MessageBird, and we were able to create customer segments of our data from an AWS data lake. Because of Amazon Pinpoint campaigns and custom channels capabilities, we were able to increase our engagement with WhatsApp communications up to 90%."

Michele Pastrello, Customer Engagement Manager - DUNED



Maxwell is on a mission to simplify marketing for SMB’s.

“In 2021, we built a Shopify app that helps businesses provide their customers with a convenient way to reorder consumables through two-way SMS. As we were evaluating how to build the app, Amazon Pinpoint stood out to us because so many of the components were pre-built; this made it very developer-friendly and easy to build with. Since adopting Amazon Pinpoint, we have been able to realize significant cost savings because our maintenance costs have been greatly reduced and we need fewer developers to accomplish our goals. In the future, our goal is to build payment processing into our SMS to make the customer experience even easier and provide businesses with the data necessary to help them make informed decisions about which products to include in their campaigns”

Asbjørn Jorgensen, Founder - Maxwell


One Iota

One iota designs and develops retail mobile apps that enhance the shopping experience and create a frictionless customer journey from store to device.

“Building seamless customer journeys for all customers of a business is extremely nuanced. Amazon Pinpoint is a critical tool for creating frictionless journeys because it makes segmenting customers precisely and organizing them into the most relevant campaigns easy. One of the key benefits of Amazon Pinpoint is that it is easy to experiment with, meaning that we can constantly optimize segmentation to improve customer experience. Going forward, we are looking forward to building proofs of concepts that suit a diverse array of customer needs using Amazon Pinpoint to show our customers and prospects the ‘art of the possible."

Christian Brooks, CEO – One Iota


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