A majority of mobile phone users read incoming SMS messages almost immediately after receiving them. If you need to be able to provide your customers with urgent or important information, SMS messaging may be the right solution for you.

You can use Amazon Pinpoint to create targeted groups of customers, and then send them campaign-based messages. You can also use Amazon Pinpoint to send direct messages, such as appointment confirmations, order updates, and one-time passwords.

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Amazon Pinpoint uses messaging routes that are optimized for the highest deliverability, helping you reliably reach customers in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Amazon Pinpoint dynamically picks the best route to each destination number, and automatically switches to different routes if delivery failures occur.

Receive SMS messages from your customers and reply back to them in a chat-like interactive experience. With Amazon Pinpoint, you can create automatic responses when customers send you messages that contain certain keywords. You can even use Amazon Lex to create conversational bots.

Depending on the countries or regions where your customers are located, you can send messages using shared short codes, dedicated short codes, dedicated long codes, or sender IDs. We can help you lease short codes and set up sender IDs in several countries and regions around the world.

When you send SMS messages to customers in the United States, we send them using a shared short code (or a dedicated long code, if you lease one). When customers reply to your messages with the keyword “STOP,” Amazon Pinpoint automatically sends them a final confirmation message, and then changes their opt status to ensure that they don't receive messages from you in the future.

Use the Phone Number Verify feature to correct data entry errors and clean up the phone numbers in your customer database.

In the SMS industry, laws and regulations change rapidly. Amazon Pinpoint helps ensure that your messages are sent in a way that complies with the rules of each recipient's country or region. For example, in France, application-to-person (A2P) SMS messages must be sent from a pre-approved sender ID. When you send SMS messages to customers in France, Amazon Pinpoint automatically sends your messages from a pre-approved ID.

Important: You're responsible for complying with all applicable local laws and regulations. Always familiarize yourself with the SMS marketing requirements in the countries and regions where your customers are located.

Amazon Pinpoint automatically joins long messages (up to 1,600 characters) into a single message. You can send messages in all languages, and can even include emojis.

Send information about the delivery of your messages—including sender, destination, disposition, price, and dwell time—to Amazon Kinesis Firehose for storage and analysis.