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Ep. 599: Amazon EC2 Hpc7g Instances

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Host Headshot

Jillian Forde

Jillian is a Sr. Solutions Architect who works with startups to help them grow their businesses using the AWS cloud. Jillian did not have a tech background prior to joining AWS. As an official AWS podcast host, she strives to help people new to the tech industry and cloud computing learn technical concepts essential to a thriving career. Follow her on Twitter.


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Guest Speaker Headshot

Heidi Poxon

For more than 25 years, Heidi has worked in HPC, designing and building tools and solutions that enable science and new technology discovery. Her particular area of expertise is application developer environments, especially the MPI distributed memory programming model and application profiling. A Principal HPC Technologist at AWS since February 2021, Heidi investigates how technology can be used to meet HPC computing needs in the cloud, developing strategic solutions that advance HPC application performance.

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