Learn how our customers are using Amazon Polly text-to-speech service to create applications that talk, and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products.  

Scaling FICO Customer Communication Services with Amazon Polly

FICO Customer Communication Services (CSS) team focuses on providing automated voice, text and email communications to help organizations with fraud detection and customer service. Learn how they use Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech service to power a range of voice applications to improve the customer experience.  

Haptik, launched in 2014, is India’s first personal-assistant app. Users of the app can plan travel, check-in for flights, book taxis, and set travel reminders. Through the reminders feature, users will receive calls at a requested time, relating the reminder message.

“We have experimented with a number of different services for TTS, but Amazon Polly was the frontrunner by miles...The Amazon Polly API is simple and very robust. It took us less than a day to implement the Amazon Polly API calls, and we designed our system in a way where almost all the configurations can be changed on the fly without the need of any code changes. This allowed us to experiment and perform A/B testing with a lot of different scripts and voices.”

Ranvijay Jamwal - Lead DevOps Engineer, Haptik Inc

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Founded in 2007 with a mission of making smart home security affordable and accessible to all, Y-cam uses artificial intelligence to provide a monitored home-security service at a price point much lower than traditional security companies’ offerings.

“Our research suggests that customers nowadays are less likely to buy a voice-assisted smart security solution if the voice sounds robotic, like many of the non-AWS services out there. Our customers love how human the Amazon Polly voice sounds. In fact, many people think it is a real person... By building the Y-cam Protect platform quickly, easily, and affordably on AWS, we have transitioned from being a vendor of connected cameras to a provider of home-security services"

Devin Chawda - CEO, Y-Cam Solutions

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FM Wakayama is a nonprofit community radio station in Japan. Since July 2017, FM Wakayama has been broadcasting news and weather forecasts through Nanako, an artificial-intelligence (AI) announcer that uses Amazon Polly. By integrating Amazon Polly to its systems, the radio station was able to provide programming even at times of day when on-air talent and directors are scarce.

“It was extremely important that the voice be as human as possible, and at broadcast level in terms of quality. Amazon Polly’s voice was the most human one we found, and we felt it was one listeners would find acceptable on the radio... We’re able to broadcast the latest news even in the middle of the night, and keep up as circumstances change during disasters. Nanako has made possible the kind of broadcasting we couldn’t do with humans alone. In that light, I think it’s fair to say that Amazon Polly has reinvented radio”

Seiji Yamaguchi - Station Director, FM Wakayama

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Based in Australia, Whooshkaa is a creative audio-on-demand podcast platform that helps publishers and advertisers reach their audiences. By integrating Amazon Polly text-to-voice service into the Whooshkaa platform, publishers can generate instant podcasts from text, in a wide variety of voices across many supported languages.

"Powered by Amazon Polly, publishers can use Whooshkaa to automatically convert their stories and news feeds into audio. We also provide the tools to merge multiple stories and to customize the sound by changing its accent, pitch, rate, and volume. Whooshkaa is the first audio platform in the world to make these features available. Publishers can now generate a comprehensive news bulletin in real time, combining the top stories of the day into a single podcast. ”

Robert Loewenthal - CEO & Founder, Whooshkaa

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BeeLiked is an engagement marketing platform that provides brands with a wide variety of contest and game software to engage their online audience, generate leads and drive sales.

“When Dan Brown’s publishers, Doubleday, approached us to power a contest for his new novel Origin, we realized we needed to create something special. We came up with the concept of the world’s first virtual book signing where, having voted on their book cover design, entrants would receive a personalized video. Not only do they see Dan Brown write them a personal message, they are welcomed into his house by name as well. We chose Amazon Polly to power the voice in the personalized video due to the ease of integration, the speed at which the voice file can be created, and the quality of the voices available. We required a British voiceover and selected Brian.”

Damien Dutton - CEO and Founder, BeeLiked  

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Founded in 2012, InHealth is the UK's largest specialist provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions. Using Amazon Polly, Inhealthcare has created a digital infrastructure which supports remote home monitoring for the entire UK population.

"In a world of innovative apps and clever technology, people sometimes forget there are many individuals who are excluded from the digital world for social, economic or health reasons. As a trusted partner of the NHS, we rely on Amazon Polly to do all the synthesized speech for our automated telephone calls. Individuals can answer questions and provide information using the telephone’s keypad. Amazon Polly helps us make sure these people are being cared for."

Mike Wray - Senior Software Architect, Inhealthcare

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Duolingo is a popular language-learning platform and the most downloaded education app in the world, with more than 200 million users. The company uses Amazon Polly text-to-speech to over human recordings for language learning.

“I can't think of many use cases where accurate pronunciation is more important than when you're learning a new language. We have found that the Amazon Polly voices are not just high in quality, but are as good as natural human speech for teaching a language.”

Severin Hacker - CTO, Duolingo

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GoAnimate is a web-based, do-it-yourself video-creation platform. It is designed to allow makers of all skill levels to create an animated video quickly and easily. GoAnimate selected Amazon Polly as the key provider for its voiceover feature.

“Amazon Polly gives GoAnimate users the ability to immediately give voice to the characters they animate using our platform. This is especially helpful in scenarios where live voice-over is either resource or time prohibitive, such as when developing a video in many languages or within pre-production to speed the approval process. The speech is integrated seamlessly with our rich set of pre-animated assets, which reinforces GoAnimate’s ease-of-use and affords our customers both efficiency and speed to market.”

Alvin Hung - CEO and founder, GoAnimate

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Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, enables enterprises to reimagine their digital customer experiences by providing them with the tools they need to easily communicate information to customers in real-time through text messaging, chat, social media and voice.

"Amazon Polly checks all the boxes for the technological specifications Nexmo required for our TTS use cases. The highly scalable AWS Cloud infrastructure, the high availability of the Amazon Polly service, and the broad language support made Amazon Polly a logical choice."

Roland Selmer - Product Director, Voice and RTC at Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform

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Initiafy is a leading provider of contractor management software that helps companies on-board and train contractors, temporary, or seasonal staff before they begin work with over 300,000 users worldwide.

"Accessibility is a key value of the Initiafy platform, and Amazon Polly fits with this perfectly. It allows us to reach people of different nationalities and varying degrees of literacy. Integrating Amazon Polly with Initiafy has been a seamless process. It’s made the lives of our users easier and gives our customers peace of mind that their training is accessible to all workers."

Ronan O’Sullivan - CTO, Initiafy

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Daraz, launched in 2012, offers a diverse assortment of products to online shoppers in Pakistan and four additional South Asian markets: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. With 2 million products, 30,000 sellers, and 5 million customers, Daraz has become a household name in the region.

“Nearly half of our customer calls were about order status, and we wanted to expedite them using automation. Amazon Polly enabled us to deliver automated real-time information in a natural sounding voice and to shorten the duration of these calls by more than 40 percent. After each call, customers are asked to evaluate the experience. Today, we’re standing on the verge of 4.8 out of a total score of 5, and before we introduced Amazon Polly we were at about 3.5.”

Edouard Gheerbrant - Head of Customer Experience at Daraz

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PolicyBazaar.com is India’s largest insurance marketplace, which enables customers to compare multiple insurance products before making a purchase.

“The number of average transactions grew to 300000 from 120,000 a month. As a result, customer calls grew significantly. To advance our growth, we integrated Amazon Polly with our in-house IVR calling service, PBee Connect for voice broadcasting, critical voice alerts, and inbound calls. We have processed over 300000 calls leveraging this system, and 80 percent of the calls made were answered, 63 percent responded positively, and 41 percent of sales were closed without the interference of agents.”

Ashish Gupta  - CTO at Policybazaar.com

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