Posted On: Sep 14, 2020

You can now share your Amazon CloudWatch Dashboards with users who do not have direct access to your AWS account. Amazon CloudWatch Dashboards enable you to create re-usable graphs of data from your AWS resources and custom metrics and logs, so that you can quickly monitor operational status and identify issues at a glance. With this new capability you can share dashboards across teams, with stakeholders, and with people external to your organization. You can even display dashboards on big screens in team areas, or embed them in Wikis and other webpages. 

You can share CloudWatch Dashboards in three ways:

  • Share a single dashboard and designate specific email addresses and passwords of the people who can view the dashboard.
  • Share a single dashboard publicly, so that anyone who has the link can view the dashboard.
  • Share all the CloudWatch dashboards in your account and specify a third-party single sign-on (SSO) provider for dashboard access. All users who are members of this SSO provider's list can access the dashboards in the account. To enable this, you integrate the SSO provider with Amazon Cognito.  

To get started you can visit the documentation here. CloudWatch Dashboard sharing capabilities are available in all Commercial AWS regions. Standard API charges are applicable; Learn more about CloudWatch pricing here.