Posted On: Sep 30, 2020

AWS Client VPN is a managed, scalable, virtual private network service that enables users to securely access both AWS resources and on-premises networks. By enabling Client-to-Client connectivity in either the AWS Console or through the AWS CLI, a VPN client can establish a secure connection to another VPN client.

Customers now have the ability to create local routes between VPN clients connected to the same AWS Client VPN endpoint. This feature will allow one VPN client to initiate a connection to another VPN client, which have established a session with the AWS VPN Client endpoint. For example, a developer who has an active VPN connection is able to interface with on-premises resource(s) that has also has an active VPN connection(s) on the same AWS Client VPN endpoint. This allows for establishing a secure connection without changing network security policies.  

All customers of Client VPN will be able to immediately take advantage of this feature at no additional cost and available in all regions where AWS Client VPN operates.  

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