AWS Cloud Solutions for the Energy & Utilities Industry

Enabling customers to transform, innovate, and accelerate the energy transition with solutions for businesses across the energy value chain, including Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Renewables, Decarbonization, and more.

The energy industry is rapidly changing. With the push for cleaner, more sustainable operations, energy companies across the value chain are being challenged to meet rising demand while accelerating the energy transition. Traditional energy providers are diversifying their fuel mix and building out renewable energy fleets. The relationship with utilities is changing as customers become prosumers, requiring a modern and flexible energy grid. Innovation is necessary as the industry evolves. That’s why it’s critical for energy companies to have a proven technology partner with deep industry experience by their side. AWS provides solutions for organizations across the energy value chain to transform their operations, drive greater efficiency, increase production, reduce costs, and maximize safety and security.

Oil & Gas

AWS cloud solutions are transforming the way the oil & gas industry operates. From upstream exploration to downstream refining, cloud solutions are enabling companies to make data driven decisions that optimize performance, increase efficiency and production, and reduce costs. By leveraging AWS cloud solutions for the O&G industry, companies can monitor and analyze near-real time data from wells, rigs and pipelines, leading to faster and more informed decision making. AWS is helping the O&G industry unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation as they navigate the energy transition.  

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Optimize upstream energy data with solutions designed to standardize seismic data workflows and help unlock insights that drive efficiency and productivity for exploration operations.





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Accelerate field development planning, well construction, and well intervention with AWS and partner solutions that optimize performance and cost of capital equipment, personnel safety, and full-cycle well performance.


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Leverage AWS cloud native technology and Partner Solutions to optimize the production process, manage equipment health, maximize profitability, and minimize the environmental footprint.



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Streamline operational analysis and workflows with solutions tailored for downstream operators that help improve HSE, drive process optimizations, monitor equipment health and optimize operations.


Power & Utilities

AWS cloud solutions are modernizing power & utility companies across their operations. We a providing the technology foundation that is needed for helping P&U companies with managing distributed energy resources, improving grid reliability, reducing operational costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and more – all while maintaining a high bar on security and compliance. With access to the largest secure global infrastructure and deepest and widest breadth of cloud services, P&U companies rely on AWS as a cornerstone for their transformation to a flexible and agile digital enterprise.

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Electrical Power Generation


Optimize power plant performance and accelerate integration of renewable energy sources through interconnection simulations, data lake solutions, and advanced analytics for distributed generation assets.


Grid Modernization

Electricity Transmission & Distribution

Enhance grid reliability and efficiency through advanced metering solutions, and enable predictive maintenance and data-driven insights for transmission and distribution assets.



AWS cloud solutions are accelerating a zero-carbon energy future by providing greater access to data needed for innovation to fuel the energy transition. As new energy technologies designed to monitor, reduce and capture carbon come onto the market, AWS is providing the data foundation for organizations to seamlessly integrate and scale these new technologies with their existing clean energy portfolios. With a global footprint and access to cutting-edge solutions from the largest partner network in the industry, AWS is facilitating more sustainable operations for organizations across the energy value chain.

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Organizational Carbon Measurement & Reporting

Quantifying and disclosing greenhouse gas emissions to assess and mitigate climate impact in organizations.


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Carbon Intensity Tracking

Measure of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production and use of a specific product.


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Emissions Monitoring

Continuous, immediate tracking of pollutant discharges or greenhouse gas emissions from industrial processes or sources.


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Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Cloud-based computing infrastructure supporting carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) initiatives for emissions reduction.

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