Comcast uses AWS in a hybrid environment to innovate and deploy features for its flagship video product, XFINITY X1, several times a week instead of once every 12-18 months under its old architecture. Comcast is the world’s largest cable company and the leading provider of Internet service in the United States.

Listen to Sree Kotay, chief technology officer of Comcast Cable, talk about the integral role that AWS plays in Comcast’s hybrid cloud, supporting agile development, autonomous teams, lower costs, and accelerated feature velocity. The company also innovates by using products such as Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Kinesis to capture and analyze customer preferences for a richer entertainment experience.

In the second video, Charles Hammell, solutions architect for Comcast, discusses how products such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Amazon Direct Connect deliver the scalability and security needed for rapidly innovating in a hybrid environment.

Comcast Uses AWS in Hybrid Environment to Rapidly Innovate on Flagship Video Product (11:53)


Comcast Uses AWS for Flexible, Scalable Hybrid Infrastructure (3:12)