AWS Resilience Hub Pricing

With AWS Resilience Hub, you pay only for what you use. There are no upfront costs or minimum fees. You are charged based on the number of applications you described in AWS Resilience Hub.

You can try AWS Resilience Hub free for 6 months, for your first 3 applications. After that, the AWS Resilience Hub price is $15.00 per application per month. Metering for an application begins once you run the first resilience assessment of the given application in AWS Resilience Hub. Deleting this application will stop metering.

You will incur charges for any AWS service provisioned by AWS Resilience Hub. Consult your AWS pricing plan for more details on additional charges.

An application in AWS Resilience Hub is a logical group of AWS resources that you want to operate as a unit. You can describe an application in AWS Resilience Hub using 3 different methodologies:

  • Resource collections, in which you can: 1) Choose up to 5 AWS CloudFormation Stacks, 2) Choose a predefined application from AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry, 3) Use AWS Resource Groups to tag and organize your resources, or 4) Choose up to 20 Terraform state files. Each collection supports cross-region and cross-account resources.
  • Kubernetes workloads that are managed on Amazon EKS.
  • Applications that use both resource collections and Amazon EKS clusters.

AWS Free Tier

As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can try AWS Resilience Hub free for 6 months for your first 3 applications.

Pricing details

AWS Resilience Hub Pricing
Cost for first 3 assessed applications for 6 months Free
Cost per assessed application per month (after free period or more than 3) $15 per application

Pricing examples

If you have described 5 applications in AWS Resilience Hub (outside of the free period) and 4 have already been assessed for resilience, then your monthly cost would be calculated as follows:

Total number of applications described and assessed = 4 x $15 per application = $60