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The three pillars of data protection are protecting data in transit, at rest and in use. Protecting data at rest and in transit using cryptography is well understood. Protecting data in use is traditionally accomplished using secure enclaves that use isolation and access control to limit access to the computation being performed on the data. Cryptographic computing offers a different approach where computations are done on encrypted data using techniques like homomorphic encryption and secure multiparty computation, so that data is never in plaintext form. In this webinar, we will describe various techniques in cryptographic computing and how we're applying this in AWS Clean Rooms.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about protecting data in use using emerging cryptographic techniques.
  • See how AWS is making investments in cryptographic computing.
  • Learn how cryptographic computing is used in AWS Clean Rooms.

Who should watch?

Developers, Security Professionals


Bill Horne, Principal PM-T, AWS


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