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Celent | HSBC AI Global Tactical Index - An Artificially Intelligent Global Investment Strategy Powered by AWS

AWS adapts HSBC AI Global Tactical Index (AiGT) approach to market dynamics

The HSBC AI Global Tactical Index (AiGT) is a rules-based investment strategy that uses advanced techniques in artificial intelligence (AI) to invest opportunistically across a global portfolio of equities, gold, and bonds. The AI-powered index is developed, hosted, and managed entirely by as part of their SaaS offering. The solution utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology to automatically adapt its approach as market dynamics change by learning from thousands of data points to seek an informational advantage over the market. AiGT can dynamically change its portfolio each week to react to changing market conditions without human intervention.

Read this report to:

  • Learn how the HSBC AiGlobal Tactical Index powered by AWS utilizes new technologies to facilitate portfolio construction for a large segment of the retail investor market, while achieving a level of operational efficiency within HSBC.
  • Backtested, the index has outperformed typical index funds available in fixed indexed annuities by 1.5% annually over 15 years.
  • AiGT brings transparency through an "AI Insights" tool that shows the fund's market views, asset rankings, and signals driving decisions.
  • The system “learns from thousands of data points daily”.

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