Pricing tables

Pricing Unit Price
Per robot $250/month

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Pricing examples

Pricing example is based on IoT RoboRunner deployment in the US East (N. Virginia) Region.

Pricing example 1
You operate a fleet of mobile robots such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in your facility. You want to integrate two types of robots from different vendors. You know that both types of robots must pass through a shared space in your site and want to use IoT RoboRunner to facilitate interoperability.

You want to first validate interoperability of these two robot types in a test environment, before deploying it in your production operations. You decide to do the testing with two robots, one from each vendor. You sign up on the 16th of a 30-day month, and test IoT RoboRunner over the next three and a half (3.5) months.

Total cost for use of IoT RoboRunner with two robots for 3.5 months:
($250 * 2 robots for first month * 0.5 months (prorated)) + ($250 * 2 robots * 3 months) = $1,750

After the test, you want to deploy the solution to your production operation with your existing fleet of 12 mobile robots, with six (6) of each type.

Total monthly cost for 12 robots with IoT RoboRunner:
$250 * 12 robots = $3,000 per month

Total yearly cost for use of AWS IoT RoboRunner:
($250 * 2 robots for first month * 0.5 months (prorated)) + ($250 * 2 robots * 3 months) + ($250 * 12 robots * 8 months) = $25,750

You will be charged separately by IoT Greengrass for your on-premises connections, by DynamoDB for storage, and by CloudWatch for metrics. For more information about these charges, see the pricing pages for IoT Greengrass, DynamoDB, and CloudWatch

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