AWS Serverless Application Model

Open-source developer tool that simplifies and improves the experience of building and running serverless applications on AWS

Streamline your serverless development cycle, taking an idea to production quickly and efficiently.

Develop, debug, and deploy your serverless applications with the AWS SAM CLI.

Define and manage your infrastructure code with AWS SAM templates.

Perform real-time debugging and testing in the cloud with AWS SAM Accelerate.

How it works

AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) consists of two parts, AWS SAM templates and the AWS SAM Command Line Interface (AWS SAM CLI). AWS SAM templates provide a short-hand syntax, optimized for defining Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for serverless applications. An extension of AWS CloudFormation, you deploy AWS SAM templates directly to AWS CloudFormation, benefiting from its extensive IaC support on AWS. The AWS SAM CLI is a developer tool that puts AWS SAM features at your fingertips. Use it to quickly create, develop, and deploy serverless applications. Some of the many features of AWS SAM include SAM Accelerate, which speeds up local development and cloud testing, and SAM CLI integrations, extending AWS SAM to other tools such as the AWS CDK and Terraform.
AWS SAM Explainer Video (1:26)
Building real-world serverless applications with AWS SAM (46:17)

Use cases

Build and deploy serverless applications

Use the AWS SAM CLI sam build and sam deploy commands to prepare your application for deployment and deploy to the AWS Cloud.

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Quickly sync your application to the cloud for development and testing

Use the AWS SAM CLI sam sync command to watch for local changes and quickly deploy those changes to the AWS Cloud. Then, use sam remote invoke to test your Lambda functions in the cloud.

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Create pipelines to deploy using supported CI/CD systems

Use the AWS SAM CLI sam pipeline command to create or modify pipelines for your CI/CD system.

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Use the AWS SAM CLI with Terraform

Perform local debugging and testing of your Terraform projects with the AWS SAM CLI.

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How to get started

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Start using AWS SAM

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