Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for Small and Medium Businesses

Capturing, storing, and analyzing your data is more achievable, affordable, and effective than ever.

Cloud BI tools for better insights

Make your business intelligence tools work harder for you. Whether you’re new to the cloud or have already used some tools, its power enables you to unify and uncover new insights from your various data sources. If you're not sure where to begin, Amazon Web Services can help your SMB answer these questions:­

  • How can I manage, query, and present business data more effectively?
  • Can I integrate various sources to create data visualizations for senior leaders?
  • What do I need to gather insights and target my SMB’s best customers?
  • Is business intelligence software more valuable than a spreadsheet?

Read how cloud analytics can improve operations, identify new customers, and increase sales.

Meissa Builds the Future of Modern Construction with AWS | Amazon Web Services (2:37)

Data holds tremendous potential, helping you predict market trends, understand customer behavior, and even foresee problems before they happen.

Three ways SMBs can gain business insights with AWS

Gain greater visibility into your business data as it grows. In the cloud, you can securely manage data across your applications, bring all sources together in one view, and automate work so you can identify trends faster. For example, SMBs such as yours are already analyzing sales data to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and customer retention efforts.

  • 1. Manage
  • Manage data effectively and securely

    Move data and databases to the cloud

    Easily migrate data and databases to the cloud, regardless of your current IT setup. We can help your SMB easily navigate a lift-and-shift migration—where our experts identify the best cloud architecture for your company, and manage the transition with as few changes as possible.

    Save time and cost with managed databases

    Maintaining your own databases is time consuming, requires dedicated staff, and is expensive. Explore the AWS portfolio of fully managed, reliable databases for your SMB.

    Quickly query large quantities of structured data

    Translate data into insights in seconds with Amazon Redshift. Gain up to 3x better price performance than any other cloud data warehouse without managing your own infrastructure.

  • 2. Unify and analyze
  • Unify data sources and analyze data faster

    Create and publish analytics dashboards

    Amazon QuickSight is ideal for standard reporting using interactive dashboards. Manipulate data, automatically identify patterns, and find outliers powered by machine learning.

    Consolidate and query datasets without technical skills

    Automated Data Analytics on AWS helps you aggregate data from built-in data connectors to derive meaningful insights from your apps in a matter of minutes.

    Easily find and use third-party data

    Benchmark your success against others in your industry with AWS Data Exchange. It’s the world’s most comprehensive service for third-party datasets with more than 3,500 from over 300 data providers.

    Collaborate and share industry data

    Securely analyze and collaborate on collective datasets—without copying another organization’s data—using AWS Clean Rooms. This is helpful for understanding advertising performance, investment decisions, and research and development.

    Get answers from your data with AWS analytics services

    AWS provides the broadest and most cost-effective set of analytics services to help you gain insights faster from all of your data.

  • 3. Automate and reinvent
  • Unlock insights and automate processes with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Offer real-time recommendations

    If you operate an e-commerce site or media team, quickly deliver personalized recommendations and target customers more accurately with Amazon Personalize

    Create customer service chatbots

    Augment human customer support with virtual agents and voice assistants which can answer FAQs and automate customer journeys with Amazon Lex.

    Automate document workflows

    Automate workflows that include documents by extracting text to reinvent your business processes with Intelligent Document Processing Solution.

    Generate accurate ML predictions

    Amazon SageMaker Canvas provides business analysts with a visual interface that allows them to create accurate predictions on their own—without any ML or coding experience.

    Unify the search experience across business apps

    Improve employee productivity within a single search interface on Amazon Kendra. It integrates with Large Language Models (LLMs) using Generative AI to help employees find accurate answers and summarize text quicker without ML expertise.

    Forecast Icon

    Forecast business outcomes easily and accurately

    Use the power of your data to predict foot traffic, workforce staffing needs, inventory stock, and more with Amazon Forecast. This helps inform smarter financial decisions.

    Identify suspected fraud faster

    Find and identify potential fraudulent activities faster with Amazon Fraud Detector. Build, deploy, and manage fraud detection models without ML experience in this fully managed service.

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