Using the Cloud to Build IT Resiliency for Small and Medium Businesses

Amazon Web Services provides the business continuity solutions you need by reducing downtime and enabling access to data

Continuous availability and disaster recovery

Your business deserves modern technology that protects you against costly downtimes — especially if you sell goods and services online. Amazon Web Services manages infrastructure that can help you anticipate and recover from high usage, unauthorized users, and outages. We focus on keeping the cloud running while you focus on building your business. Migrating to AWS results in a 69 percent reduction in unplanned downtime.

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Better e-commerce opportunities

Compared to legacy technology, the cloud makes it easier for businesses to serve their customers continuously, with fewer outages, recovery costs, and service gaps. With less downtime, you can enjoy a higher customer satisfaction rate and more opportunities to make sales.

Jotabasso Modernizes Large Scale Agriculture with the Cloud | Amazon Web Services (2:55)

How companies use cloud reliability to become more competitive

Reliable infrastructure helps companies fuel productivity, reduce downtime, and focus on driving revenue. Find out how a fantasy sports company rolls out service enhancements in days instead of weeks with the cloud.

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