How Cloud Can Help Reduce IT Costs for Small and Medium Businesses

Reduce costs and increase business efficiency by moving to the cloud

Cloud savings for small business

Update your business operations while reducing IT costs. Instead of buying on-premises hardware or using paper files, adopt more affordable cloud technology to support remote workers, better understand your customers, and backup data. Since you only pay for the cloud services you use, you can easily adapt to changing business demand. Amazon Web Services customers get an average cost savings of 31 percent by migrating to the cloud with us and find our free cost evaluation tool valuable for creating a strong business case and projecting future savings. With AWS, we'll help guide you through managing your costs, spotting ways to save, and measuring your cloud migration ROI.

Get a free cloud migration evaluation to estimate your costs and savings

Learn How TF Value-Mart Keeps Customer Costs Low With Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions (1:33)

How to save costs with better operational efficiency

By moving to the cloud, companies are getting more IT capabilities at a fraction of the cost. When organizations boost efficiency and savings, they free up revenue to innovate and grow. Find out how one manufacturing company reduced operating costs by 25 percent.

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Expert advice to help SMBs manage AWS Cloud costs

Get practical tips from our experts on how you can optimize your cloud budget. Access this on-demand video series exclusively by joining the AWS Connected Community. It's your one-stop shop to learn more about the business benefits of cloud with AWS experts and your fellow business leaders.

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