Cloud Scalability for SMBs

Maximize efficiencies for your business seamlessly through the cloud

Scaling benefits for small and medium businesses

If your business uses paper documents or older technology, growing could be a challenge. Cloud provides you with solutions for improved scalability, efficiency, and productivity. You only pay for the Amazon Web Services features you need — and many solutions are ready to go on demand when you’re ready for them. That means whether you’re securing new files, enabling a growing team to work from anywhere, or finding modern ways to serve customers, your cloud solutions are tailored exactly to your needs and growing with your business.

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Increase capacity as your SMB grows

Since you only pay for the cloud IT services that you need, businesses have more opportunities for affordable scalability than they do with on-premises IT. Whether you’re a seasonal business without time to manage tech problems during peak demand, or a rapidly growing company that needs new tech tools at your fingertips, the cloud provides the scaling benefits you need.

Llamando al Doctor + Eudaimonia Rely on Scalability in Unprecedented Times | Amazon Web Servi (2:07)

Learn how businesses like yours are using the cloud to scale their operations

Businesses that adopt the cloud can instantly increase capacity to scale quickly. This means you can adopt new resources as your needs change with less time spent on manual operations.

Find out how a furniture manufacturer and retailer with a global customer base increased the speed of its operations by 40 percent, eliminated downtime for backups, and increased productivity. Plus, learn how a video game production support company used the cloud to onboard employees more quickly with virtual desktops.

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