FOX Pioneers Content Workflows on AWS


FOX Corporation produces and distributes news, sports, and entertainment content through domestic brands, including FOX News Media, FOX Sports, FOX Entertainment, and FOX Television Stations. In this video, Joel Williams, vice president of architecture & engineering at FOX Corporation, explains how FOX uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions to transform its media workflows. According to Williams, FOX can quickly launch AWS services to support its business end-to-end without the need for complex software engineering. Building on AWS is enabling FOX to continue innovating while migrating completely to the cloud. “We recently accomplished uncompressed live video in the cloud. Previously that wasn’t possible with any cloud provider or even in the technology space. We’ve been able to accomplish that with AWS recently, and it’s really going to enable our business to fully move into the cloud,” says Williams.

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FOX Pioneers Content Workflows with AWS

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