Annalect Uses Containers and Amazon Redshift Spectrum to Cost-Effectively Process Trillions of Events


Annalect, a subsidiary of Omnicom Media Group, unifies and integrates data into Omnicom’s people-based marketing platform, Omni. The company analyzes consumer attributes and event-level data including demographic data, purchase data, television viewership, location data, clickstream web events, and CRM data to form a 360-degree view of customer behavior. In this re:Invent 2019 session, Eric Whitney, global CTO at Annalect, dives into how the company cost-effectively processes more than 3 trillion events and analyzes petabytes of data using containers, Amazon Athena, and Amazon Redshift Spectrum.

“The challenge is the data is constantly growing,“ says Whitney. “The technical challenges are time-to-availability, maintaining and improving performance while scaling, and, finally, reducing cost-per-usable terabyte.” With Amazon Web Services (AWS), Annalect was able to reduce its costs from $70 per usable terabyte to less than $5. As an example, the company recently used AWS to process 35 terabytes of historical data in a two days with more than 1,000 parallel containers at a cost of $700. Watch the clip below to learn more.

AWS re:Invent 2019: Reimagining advertising analytics & identity resolution at scale

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