AstraZeneca Transforms Pharmaceutical Research and Development with Industrialized Machine Learning on AWS


AstraZeneca discovers, develops, and commercializes prescription medicines in oncology and biopharmaceuticals, including in cardiovascular, respiratory, and immunology fields. It serves millions of patients across 145 countries and 70 markets. Data and artificial intelligence (AI) is central to AstraZeneca’s innovation strategy. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), AstraZeneca built an industrialized machine learning (ML) platform to streamline pharmaceutical drug discovery, clinical trials, and patient safety for hundreds of scientists. In this presentation, hear about AstraZeneca’s journey to build a flexible, compliant platform to accelerate their drug research process, and how it collaborated with the Amazon Machine Learning (ML) Solutions Lab to make it happen.

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AWS ML Summit 2021 | Transforming Pharmaceutical R&D Through Industrialized Machine Learning

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