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Clibrain Develops Generative AI for the Spanish-Speaking World Using Amazon SageMaker

“We wanted to be with the first-class technology and we know that AWS is the best technology we can use for training models, to work on AI and also to scale.”

Elena González-Blanco
CEO and co-founder, Clibrain

A Significant Step in Generative AI: Clibrain Delivers LLM Optimized for Spanish Using AWS

Developer of Lince Zero—the first large language model (LLM) optimized for Spanish—Clibrain is looking to deliver its generative artificial intelligence (AI) innovation to the widest possible audience. It uses Amazon SageMaker and 100 NVIDIA GPUs to train its machine learning models. The Madrid-based startup, and its CEO and co-founder Elena González-Blanco, have ambitious plans to grow fast using the “first-class tech” and scalable cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services.

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